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Mathematician, Physics, Data Science

Applied Mathematician, Physics, Data Science, & Computational Math

Combining my two recent (2012, 2014) science degrees in Physics (BS) and Applied Mathematics (MS) from a top tier university, with over 20 years computer expertise in database development, software engineering and advanced networks. with deep analytical and computational math skills. Major author of a US Patent in Medical Image recognition and post-processing systems.

Projects in the last three years include:
* Data analysis of electromagnetism data and article writing for private physics research as an associate researcher.
* Lead Author of a federal technical grant and US patent revision involving image processing algorithms and medical MRI image machine learning technique. Patent awarded.
* Logic and Database layer development for a API to integrate to a large ecosystem.
* Descriptive statistics and data visualization for SASS marketing and sales metrics.
* Math tutoring for College level mathematics including Calculus, Differential Eq, Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus.
* Several smaller projects or assisting projects in data analysis, data visualization, statistical molding, and algorithm development.
* Academic papers/reports/presentations in General Relativity, Solid State Physics (Graphene production), History of Pi (Pi Day), Analytic calculations of Platonic Solids and others.

Skills & Expertise

AnalyticsAPI DevelopmentData AnalysisData ScienceEngineeringMarketingMathematicsPhysicsResearchSalesScienceSoftware DevelopmentWriting

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