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SMS Alerts Service (Java) for iTouch PLC - Send an SMS message to a mobile phone based upon user specified criteria. SMS Chat (Java) for iTouch PLC - Anonymous chat via SMS messages for one-on-one or chat room use. JFire (Java) for Ribbit Software Systems - A package library of regular expression and finite automaton data structures and algorithms. GreasedLightening (Java) for Ribbit Software Systems - A JavaScript (ECMAScript) to JVM bytecode compiler written in Java embedded webservers. UAP (C) for Delem BV - Embedded GUI development tool and langague. Sequencer (C) for Delem BV - Embedded command language compiler and interpreter for CNC machine controllers.

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AlgorithmsAnalysisBusiness AnalysisCCDMACompilerData StructuresECMAScriptGUI DevelopmentJavaJavaScriptManagementMobilePLCSoftware DesignSoftware Systems

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