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Network Architecture

I know the difference between a switch and a router. I know TIA-568b by heart and I don't need a cheat-sheet to wire TIA-568a because I know that you just swap the orange and green in the pinout.

I've written raw protocol implementations for IPv4, TCP, UDP, and others in multiple programming languages. I can read and analyze PCAP/packet-trace logs, datagram-by-datagram.

I know what an inductive toner and a buttset are and how to use them effectively. I can wire and troubleshoot both voice and data comm using these tools, even to the point where my local clients tend to call me for everything and I'm usually able to tell their ISP or telco provider what the problem is and where to look for it.

Using these skills I can help and/or train you remotely, as long as you have the tools on hand.

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1 Reviews for This Service

  • tcguide says,

    I found Andrew to be a very knowledgeable US-based coder. He did not simply work toward project "requirements" he provided additional suggestions and improvement ideas towards the project goal. He communicated timely and was pleasant to talk with. I am very satisfied with the portion of the project that Andrew worked on.

    for Auto parts website drop down search on Jul 30, 2020