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I could proceed to list my "skill sets" in the hopes of attracting potential clients, but I would rather let my writing speak for itself. I enjoy becoming lost in prose, and have immense respect for anyone who attempts to write. Authors who have inspired me include George Orwell and Joseph Heller, among a plethora of others. Despite substantial writing in university, I did not discover my passion for the craft until after graduation. Who knew choosing your own topics could make writing more enjoyable? After years of slaving away over papers on Political Economies, International Studies, and Spanish, I had the opportunity to let me creative flow run wild. Feeling as though it was time to tune my lifestyle to my writing, I sold everything in the USA and bought a one way ticket to Colombia. I did not have a plan, but knew any plan I may have should happen outside of the United States. I caught the travel bug three years ago during a short trip to Ecuador. The plane touched down in Oregon,

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