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Ninjatrader Programming

From your description and interacting with you, I will program strategies and/or indicators per your specifications.
For example, I have programmed indicators that compare daily % rise/fall of various equity indices, that plot % overlap of price bars with previous bars, that plot moving averages of volume or range, that draw symbols on a chart when various conditions are true, that show slope angle between two points any number of bars apart where those points are price or other indicator values.
Additionally, I have programmed strategies that enter multiple markets at the same time and track combined profit or loss to determine when to exit, that straddle current market price at a user-determined number of ticks away in anticipation of breakouts, that look for highest highs or lowest lows within a user-determined amount of time and enter expecting continuation or mean reversion as determined by the user, as well as strategies that output historical data based on trade conditions, days of the week and/or hour of the day, for strategy analysis. Strategies can be fully automated or simply used to enter positions to be managed manually.
So much more is possible. Allow me to implement your concepts and assist you in taking your trading to the next level.

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