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My most recent accomplishment was a 3 month internship at NETDEVIL Where they develop MMO pc games, and are currently working on the hit Auto Assault, which recently won best game play at E3 and is being distributed through NCSOFT The majority of my professional work has been in Illustration. I worked as Lead Designer for 2 years at Rocky Mountain Design.I also was a Concept Illustrator for a "Serial Science Fiction" novel called Tobine Chronicles (written by Mary muse). On the side I did Patent Drafting for a major law firm "Townsend Townsend and Crowley" for two years.In addition, I have done freelance work for Ace Hardware, Re/max, AVjobs and numerous other independent website developers. In all totaling almost 7 years experience, where I obtained an in-depth exposure to production problems and workflow efficiency. Additionally, I am a fun person and absolutely love what I do. I enjoy working with others, and am always open to challenges.

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