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Twenty-plus years experience in software development performing analysis, design, programming, documentation, consulting and management in commercial, manufacturing, scientific, aerospace, and nuclear power generating environments. Accomplished in the use of formal structured methodologies and experienced in a wide range of computer environments from board-level to mainframe. Skilled in the use of Visual Basic, C/C++, Pascal, FORTRAN, FoxPro, Dbase, and COBOL under MS Windows, VAX/VMS, MS-DOS and Linux/Unix. Also skilled in the use of Web Page programming tools and environments such as HTML, XHTML, DHTML, DOM, CSS, XML, CGI, Cold Fusion, ASP, PHP, Perl, Javascript and their integration with back-end databases such as MS Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL.

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AccessASPBasicCC++CGICoboldBaseDHTMLDosFortranFoxProHTMLJavaScriptLinuxMicrosoft SQL ServerMySQLOraclePascalPerlPHPPL/SQLVisual BasicVmsXML

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