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Penetration tester,Hacker,Writer

I would be happy to share my experience with you. To name a few, I - Summary: An independent (Freelancer) over 3+ years of expertise into Network, Web and Mobile Pen-testing. Competent and skilled IT & Web Security Researcher. Apart from professional experience, have a Passion and diligence for hacking, finding new bugs and vulnerabilities. I have experience in testing complex web applications for high, medium and low risk vulnerabilities as well as experience in exploiting these vulnerabilities when required. I have good experience finding vulnerability in php/ API /Web services. I can penetrate given application and provide full reports with possible and confirmed vulnerability. Here are some of the things that fall in my forte: ? Black box penetration testing, ? White box penetration testing. ? Ethical Hacking. ? Mobile penetration testing (Android and iOS) ? Direct SQLinjection, Blind SQLinjection, ? Reflected XSS, Blind XSS. ? Researched and analyzed known hacker methodology. Performed host,network and web application penetration test.(Black, Grey and White hat service). ? Technical Writing, Article writing, Report writing. • Conducted network penetration tests and implemented vulnerability assessments. • Evaluated operational effects of security system attacks. • Analyzed and resolved vulnerabilities in relation to automated networks. • Prepared and documented test plans for security evaluations. • Designed and updated reports about security of targeted systems. • Developed training programs and trained ethical hackers. • Participated in courses for password cracking and attack technologies. Supported and administered security of intranet systems and networks. Technical knowledge of hacking tools: ? Black arch. ? Yuki Chan ? Nets parker, ? Metasploit ? Nmap ? Kali Linux ? Wire shark ? W3af ? Cain & Abel ? Sqlmap ? Social Engineering I would be happy to share my experience with you. To name a few, I - 1. Provided blog posts for one of the websites of the BDX, US for three years 2. Provided 800 research articles to 3. Provided more than 150 articles for the community blog for 4. Provide website content for more than 100 websites every year to Google Poland. We have been working for them since past four years 5. Provide 100 tutorials per month to and 6. Providing eBooks and articles to - on information security, IT Audits etc. Developed questionnaire on around 1000 policies. 7. Worked on a number of other projects as well. Please contact me anytime to discuss any work you have. Regards.

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