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I am a programmer and philosopher. I am a strong chess player: for some time I played seriously in scholastic tournaments, winning several, including the California State Championships twice, and reaching the top 10 in the Nationals four times. Chess came easily to me, and later computer science as well. I learned Scheme from Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs when I was 14, and it has informed my thinking about programming since. My interests evolved towards philosophy, especially epistemology, the study of knowledge. I am now drawn to focus more on programming because it is a tangible and precise expression of knowledge. Many programming problems are applied epistemology, such as how to structure and organize a program or how to represent data. The best part of my skill is self-taught out of theoretical interest. I'm now seeking to expand my skills with work experience.

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Computer ScienceLisp (List Processing)ProgrammingSchemeScienceSvnTestingUnit Testing

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