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My first job revolved around a program the owner had written that served as the phone equivalent of an Internet mailing list. You could provide a wav file, info on when to call and a list of numbers, then the program would call and retry numbers as needed to send out a message such as "Tonight's softball game is canceled." At this job I frequently used VB6 for creating utility programs that would transform arbitrary database, spreadsheet and text listings of or containing phone numbers to a usable format. After a while I wrote the (long replaced) ASP web pages allowing an outside user to upload their list and step through telling the site what it should pull out. My primary skill was speed, dealing with an endless wave of cosmetic changes.Between jobs (lay-offs) I contracted as an ASP / SQL developer.The second full time job as a programmer was to be an assistant for the existing Delphi programmer, performing program maintenance for his apps and a VB6 app from another division and

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.NETAccessASPBashCC#DelphiDeveloperExcelHTMLJavaScriptMicrosoft SQL ServerMsMySQLOraclePerlPHPPythonReal

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  • Don_Cleary says,

    Robert has been a god-send. He's very bright--and if he runs across something he doesn't know how to do, he's very quick to learn it. I recommend him without reservation.

    for Local Consultant needed for web dev. on Feb 06, 2002