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 Rich Presence System - Case Study: Patient Monitoring System for a hospital Case study implementation for the Masters thesis. Used, JAVA Swing, Voice-XML, JavaScript, JSP, servlets, JAVA-beans.  Study of Multimodal Technologies Studied multimodal capabilities of IBM WebSphere, VoiceXML, Microsoft Speech .net and JAVA Speech API.  JFreeChart Assistant Tool Development of a Code Generator for the JFreeChart library in JAVA. Developed a code-generator for JFreeChart library. Used JAVA Swing, awt and JAVA beans extensively.  Implementation of a Search Engine based on KWIC System Developed a KWIC system. This was a web application developed in J2EE.  Secure Server Authentication System Design & Implementation Designed an authentication protocol to tackle security bypass (replay) attacks.  Client Database Management System Designed a database system using Visual Basic 6.0 (ADO) and Oracle 8.

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AccessApacheASPBasicCC++CSSDHTMLDosEjbGeneratorHTMLJavaJava ServletsJavaScriptJDBCMfcMicrosoft SQL ServerMySQLODBCOracleVisual BasicVisual C++WebSphereXML

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