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I provide several kinds of services: proofreading, editing, rewriting, and writing. Proofreading: I check your manuscript for spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax errors. I also will point out when sentences do not make sense. This is ideal for situations in which the client is confident s/he has a well put together manuscript, but would like an editor to polish it before submitting it. Editing: Proofreading (see above) with more attention paid to the actual content. I will look for areas where transitions are needed, provide synonyms when words are repeated, point out confusing statements, suggest where further elaboration is needed, and suggest cutting out words and sentences that are redundant. I also will look at the overall structure and flow of the manuscript. Rewriting: Instead of making suggestions or raising questions, I would go ahead and make changes and, when necessary, do research on my own to fill in the gaps. This would be ideal for situations when the cl

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