Ifeanyi Paschal

Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

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Resume (CV) & Cover Letter Writing

Hi there,

Do you apply for vacancies without getting invites? If yes, your resume or cover letter is your obstacle! Please keep in mind that a good resume may not automatically land you a plum job. However, it earns you an interview. Already, you know that you can't meritoriously get a job without an interview. But if you don't get invites after applying for jobs you are qualified for, you should consider retouching your resume/cover letter. With that being said, why not engage a professional resume writer to help you rewrite your narrative?

Having coached HRM protégés and walked them through what to look out for in invite-deserving resumes, I can change your story for good. Rest assured that I will write you a purposeful resume and/or cover letter. And when I am done writing it, your resume will have industry-tailored keywords, stunning layout, and awe-inspiring design. Consequently, your prospective employers will be eager to meet with you.

In summary, here’s a breakdown of how I will revive your resume:
1. I will critically review your resume
2. I will professionally edit and rid it of errors (sure, errors are major turnoffs)
3. I will do keyword research and add convincing, inspiring words to it
4. I will painstakingly reformat it in accordance with APA Style
5. I will make your resume Applicant Tracking System (ATS)-compliant.

In addition to that, I may write you an exceptional cover letter and rebrand your LinkedIn profile (optional). The thing is, if your resume is ATS-compliant, it doesn't end up in the recycle bin of your prospective employer.

Without mincing words, your ATS-compliant resume can push the pinnacle of your career. No doubt, I can help you with that! And you could get yourself all this in less than 24 hours with just $30!

What's more, when you hire me, you are entitled to my 3-in-1 premium package: Resume + Cover letter + Expert advice.

You don't get that elsewhere, do you?

In Summary: Resume = $30, Cover letter = $10, Resume Tips = FREE!!!

Finally, LinkedIn profile update is $25.

The world is your oyster - take it!

$20 / Hour
$25 minimum budget