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As my tagline indicates, I'm a college student from an Ivy League institution in the United States, currently spending a year abroad in Japan to further my studies of Japanese language and history (my majors).I spend enough time on a computer to know my way around most popular content-generating software, such as the Office suite, Photoshop, and major blogging and web content platforms.I can do all sorts of things. My profile specifies writing as my specialty, which is true. If you need a solid piece of content generated for your website, blog, or publication, you can come to me and spend a little less money than someone with more qualifications to receive a product that serves the purpose just as well. I can also do graphic work, though my primary specialty is writing and editing.Analogy: If the experienced, established freelancers are the name-brand cereals that you loved as a kid, I'm the store-brand cereal (that comes in the bag, not the box) that your mother secretly bought and

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