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Computational physicist with extensive knowledge and modeling experience in optoelectronic physics, advanced semiconductor device design and simulation, material physics and spectroscopy, nonlinear and quantum optics. Areas of expertise and recent research include mathematical modeling and numerical methods in neuroscience and brain imaging, photonic CAD at the component and system levels (III-V: GaAs and InP technologies), solid knowledge of semiconductor processes and materials, fabrication and characterization, laser diodes including VCSELs and PIN detectors, major solid state and gas lasers, Gaussian beams, wave guides, external cavity semiconductor lasers, optical feedback, wavelength tunability, mode control and high frequency modulation, optics of thin films and birefringent fibers, electromagnetic waves propagation in nonlinear and inhomogeneous media, acoustics, mechanics, stochastic and chaotic dynamics, signal processing and advanced numerical algorithms.

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AlgorithmsCadDesignEngineeringMaterialsMathematical ModelingModelingPhysicsProcessingQuantumResearchSemiconductorSoftware Design

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