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MANAGERIAL SKILLS * Directing Technical & Managerial Staff * Performance Evaluation & Management * Defining and Communicating Mission, Vision, and Strategy * Strategic Planning * Recruiting & Interviewing * Team Building * Project Management * Standards Definition * Finance & Budgeting * Policy, Process, & Procedure - Development & Compliance * Training Coordination & Mentoring * Service Level Definition & Metrics TECHNICAL SKILLS SOFTWARE: MS Office, Online JFS, MC/Serviceguard, Mirrordisk, SD-UX, Ignite, LVM, NFS, NIS, sendmail, Glance+, Perfview, Orca, ssh, Omniback, TWS, Veritas Netbackup, Tivoli, HP-Openview, Big Brother. HARDWARE: HP 9000, IBM RS6000, IBM P-series, Sun, PCs, SAN, HP XP512, IBM Shark, EMC Symetrix, NAS. PROGRAMMING: C/C++, Perl, ksh, TCL/TK, Expect, Visual Basic, Assembly, HTML, JavaScript, php, Lisp, Prolog, Pascal, FORTRAN, BASIC, sed, awk. OPERATING SYSTEM (OS): HP-UX, AIX, Solar

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AWKBasicCC++dBaseDosFortranHTMLIBM AIXIBM InformixJavaScriptLinuxLisp (List Processing)Ms OfficeMySQLOraclePascalPerlPHPSedSendmailSshVisual Basic

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