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Steinberg-Cubase Clean Software Package

Clean is a software package designed by Steinberg of Germany. It takes old recordings owned by consumers (i.e. records and tapes) and performs digital processes to them to make them sound cleaner and closer to a digital recording. The idea 9volt had to help communicate the products features was to illustrate the process as an easy-to-understand image as to stand out among the many software titles on any given shelf. The colors chosen were color dictated by the product's color ways. The image in the center simply shows old recorded items owned by a consumer turning into new digitally "cleaned" versions. Emphasizing the coloring of the pre/post imagery including the haphazard organization of the pre in comparison to the orderly post image was key. The arrow explains the process in nutshell and the yellow dividing line underscores the value of bring a consumer's already owned products into a new format. This project was a redesign, so sides and back were not needed.Delivery Time:2 Week(s)

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