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Strategic Marketing & Communications

We're a 5-star, eco-friendly, full service marcom agency with 15+ years experience and graduate degrees. We treat (Tx) the following common head-banging marcom problems:

amarketiasis [a-mahr-kit-i-uh-sis]
A nonsensical condition characterized by a lack of effective marketing and advertising online and off.
Tx ——–> business and integrated marketing consulting services

mobiphobia [mo-buh-foh-be-uh]
Irrational avoidance of marketing to cell phone users.
Tx———> mobile marketing services

internesia [in-tur-nee-zhuh]
Psychosis characterized by a nonexistent or insufficient online presence.
Tx ——–> web design, hosting and domain services

sociophrenia [soh-see-o-freen-yuh]
A condition characterized by significant social dysfunction characterized by a failure to join the social media bandwagon.
Tx ——–> social media services

identity crisis [i-dee krahy-sis]
A state of confusion that is typically characterized by absent, outdated or inconsistent brand image in dire need of a makeover, facelift or transplant.
Tx ——–> graphic design services

dyswordia [dis-wur-dee-uh]
A mental block resulting in a lack of or ineffective copy-writing and messaging that comes off as meaningless garbledy-gook.
Tx ——–> copywriting services

We don't just make things pretty or sound good, we base our work on sound marketing principles! Let us help you tell your story right and ignite the minds and purses of your target audience. 911 us today – the "shok dok" is always in!

$100 / Hour
$50 minimum budget