BEAVERTON, Oregon, United States

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System Administration / Programming

AWS / Azure / GCE / PHP / Perl / Python / Puppet / Ansible

I am available for server-side automation and programming in a variety of languages and environments.

I've written an application called Cloud Director For Nagios ( CDFN ) that generates not only native Nagios configurations, but allows you to have fail-over monitoring to more than one Nagios server ( as many as you like ). The plugins I wrote in Python use YAML configuration files, and are easy to set up using CDFN . The app is still a prototype and I'm in the process of getting some funding to get it commercial--but it really works well, and I'm very proud of it. The plugins pipeline graphing data to Graphite/Grafana at the same time as pipelining monitoring data to Nagios.

I wrote CDFN in PHP, and Javascript, and Nagios plugins in Python. I also have some command-line tools to generate Nagios configurations written in Python and Ruby. I have done some really amazing work with Puppet too, setting up SSL certificates, and other infrastructure-as-code stuff that is really cool.

CDFN also generates Puppet modules based on your configurations, so you get that as an added part of the code generation. I've generated as many as 4000 server configs with CDFN, ( although it's probably not a good idea ) and CDFN allows you to prototype the environment before ever even touching your Nagios servers. Is that cool or what! I will be coming out with a series of videos for CDFN this year, so even if you're not interested now, keep an eye on my web site,, where I'll be showcasing my app.

I also have DB2, Sybase and Postgres experience, having set up local JIRA servers, and puppetdb in the past before they had their install working correctly.

I have 6+ months Docker experience too, creating Nagios, Apache, and Lighttpd containers for use with Nagios--and specifically tricked out for use with CDFN. I set up Nginx with virtual hosts on GCE too, so life is a constant learning experience for me. I love this stuff.

Also spent some time with Azure and Google clouds, so I have that experience as well. I have an active Google dev account and learning more about these other clouds besides AWS, which I've been using for the past 7 years. I'm really good with VPC, EC2, S3, and Route53. I'm eager to learn and branch out into other tools on these clouds, and become even more of an asset to you and your organization.

If you want to set up a contract-to-perm relationship, I have my own company, A System Architect, LLC, with 3 million in liability insurance, and I'm ready to go to work for you on day one. I can bill you directly, and save you money. Who wouldn't want that? Try me I think you'll be delighted.

If you're interested please call me. I'm at 1-650-839-3277 or at my email address, .



Tim Schaefer

$75 / Hour
$250 minimum budget