Frazier Business Development

Cathedral City, California, United States

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The FBD Telemarketing Programs consist of the following services.

Target Prospect List Formatting and Tracking Tool Development
Telephone Marketing Outbound Calling Outline Development
Outbound Telephone Marketing Call Production Tracker and Formula.
Team Training and Call Scheduling
Result Review and Recommendations

This program is to develop and implement campaigns that create the following data points, goals and outcomes:

Cost Per Lead/Interest Rate:
Cost Per Appointment/Opportunity Rate:
Cost Per Sales/Close Rate:
Overall Cost Per Acquisition via Phone Marketing & Sales:
Target Prospect & Market Development:

We will also provide:
What is the best approach to use: General and Primary Marketing Strategy
What is the goal and tactical process steps in implementation:
Final Recommendations will be provided after registration and test session and you will be responsible to complete and or implement recommendations and or homework provided.

$25 / Hour
$250 minimum budget