Lowell, Ohio, United States

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Telephone Systems

Network Design Thin-client office computers with HA-based server cluster Layer 3-based switch policy to limit windows legacy clients routing only to servers/Internet VPN-based wireless secure LAN access Network Administration SAMBA/SMB/CIFS, NFS v.3/4, WebDAV network file systems BOOTP and remote operating system installation (kickstart/LUA) Single Sign-On (SSO) network user authentication using Kerberos (Heimdal, MIT and ActiveDirectory) Network service monitoring/reporting with Nagios, OpenNMS, Nessus, and MIDAS Firewalls using iptables, ipchains, Checkpoint, FWBuilder Firewalled Virtual Private Networks(VPN) - OpenSWAN (IPsec), OpenVPN, Poptop (PPTP) IMAP proxying and migration with Perdition Transparent and reverse web proxy and caching with Squid Centralized syslog logging into database Centralized storage of configuration files with revision control Network maintenance and scripting with cfengine Remote administration using ssh User, group, file share configura

$40 / Hour
$0 minimum budget