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I started working with computers on a honeywell CP5 mainframe passionately at age 9 in 1977. I have seen problem solving paradigms evolve, from procedural/imperitave to object oriented. I am a fan of re-use of solid commercial components. I work well solo, and as a member of team. I can mentor, and be mentored. No problem has been unsolvable for me, whether you want your garage door to open when a web page is hit by a specific IP, to implementing advanced dynamic queries driven by a GUI against a massive datamodel. I draw on experience (started 25 yrs ago) when confronting new design challanges, I learn something new with each project I work with, and continue to work with. I problem solve well with the tollset I currently have mastery over. Everyone knows the move to .net is inevitable, I move forward with .net as well, just not certified yet. I'm still using ASP with custom DLL's carved up in either MS Visual Fortran or Visual Basic, hey, I can't walk yet with .net. Ther

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.NETAdoAlgorithmsASPBasicClient Side ScriptingcnmConsultingDatabase DesignDesignDrawingEmailFortranGUI DesignISAPIJavaScriptMainframeMicrosoft SQL ServerMsOopPlProgrammingSQLTcp/ipVisual Basic

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