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- creating a jewelry online store and website with credit card payment capability. Establishing order processing and fulfillment methods and administring business details for the store. - Developed an education software in Java that analizes data for given any curriculum and helps users determine ability levels for standardized tests. Created the graphical user interface and implemented statistical algorithms for behind the scenes computations. - Developed a graphical mapping software in Java that imports any school curriculum and student scores to measure student ability and progress and graphically map it. Designed gui and mapping components as well as developed dynamic data structures and algorithms. - Designed and implemented an import utility in Java that takes a xml based format description for a flat import file and parses the file. Implemented the capability of inferring properties of the flat file using pattern recognition. Utilized JAXP parser with SAX interface to p

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AlgorithmsData StructuresEducation SoftwareImportJavaJDBCJSPMapping SoftwareOrder ProcessingPattern RecognitionPostgreSQLProcessingProgressSoftware DesignSQLTomcatXML

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