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Testing & QA

HyTech Professionals treat our testing services as an independent unit, and market it under ‘Quality Soft Pro’. We believe a lot of value in ‘independent’ and unbiased testing to improve overall quality of your products and services.

At HyTech Professionals, we understand that quality assurance is an integral part of any project development. Therefore, we offer you with a skilled and experienced team which ensures that

The software matches its specifications
Works properly in the intended environment
Crashes under no circumstances
All bugs are detected and freed before the software is either integrated with company's operation or is launched in the market.

Our customers use our testing services in these scenarios:
Short of Resources or Varying Staffing Needs:

If you are short of QA/testing resources, some key member is not available any more or if you like to reduce the overall testing cycle, we will help you by augmenting your team efficiently and aggressively.

Multiple Platforms and Browsers:

It’s a common testing need to ensure compatibility on various operating systems such as Windows 2000, XP, Vista with all the flavors of each OS, MAC, Unix, Linux, etc. Our customers delegate the responsibility to test their products on various platforms to HyTech. We save them time by utilizing our ready to use system images to replicate various test environments.

Process Improvement and Comprehensive Testing:

Limitation of resources some times lead to ad-hoc development and testing, and focus shifts towards development. HyTech’s engagement provides a consistent delivery mechanism.

$18 / Hour
$0 minimum budget