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I have my Ms in Accounting, and BS in Accounting. I own what was recognize at the "Top in the State of Texas in the Industry" tutoring service. I reported a net sales of $150,000 the first year in business that got me Recognition as the "Youngest Successful Entrepreneur in the Country," at the time. I opened my business in August so my first "year" was 3.5 months.

I am well knowledge in how and why my business made record, as well as what is causing the failure of some of the largest multinational companies in the world right now. With application of both, I can teach you topics such business plan, launch a company, accounting, economics, math, reading, writing, marketing, science, and perform editing.

I can teach almost everything from the researching the market, planning expenses, markups, company policies, accounting/forecasting, and all in between, as well as the academics.

By hiring me as an educator/trainer, or consultant, you will be hiring among the top in the country. I am known well locally as one of the top leaders in the community, which is a popular of 6,000,000. You will not find better. Contact me and lets get you on your way to success!


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