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Arba Pink Panthers: Drive Thru Mixed Drinks, Beirut At Mo’s subtle beckoning of three honks and a double-flash of the brights, a fourteen year old boy in some soccer team’s polo shirt walked up to the passenger’s side window. “Arba Pink Panthers,” Ziad said, sending the kid away with only the three ominous words. Ziad turned in his seat immediately to explain to me, “And you have to say it with that accent or he won’t do shit.” “Arrrba Pink Pant-terrr?” I offered obediently. [My use of triple 'r' here signifies rolling of the tongue.] “If you came up here and said “Ar-ba Pink Panthers, he would have no idea what you’re talking about.” The establishment called itself ‘The Beautiful People,’ at least that is the English translation of the Arabic name. Early in the night, Hani’s friends had mentioned a place where drive-thru alcoholic beverages were made availab

$15 / Hour
$200 minimum budget