Maxim Castornii

Chisinau, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

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Web development

I create design, programming and development web applications using MEAN, MERN, PHP(Laravel and Wordpress), Python(Django), RoR, Java and Erlang/Elixir stacks. Development Java applications for corporations. I`m looking only for remote job. Preferably full-stack.

My skills are:
1 (JavaScript): EcmaScript, MongoDB, Express, Node.js, React, React Redux, Redux-Saga, GraphQL, Relay. Angular ecosystem like: TypeScript, NgRx, RxJS. Including SPA and React Native. I`m able to do Solidity smart contracts, using web3.js and working with Webpack, SASS-LESS.

2 (Python). Python 3>, MySQL, PostgresSQL or MongoDB, Django.

3 (Java). Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Security, JPA-Hibernate, MySQL, PostgresSQL or MongoDB, JUnit.

4 (PHP). PHP 7, MySQL, PostgresSQL ??? MongoDB, PHPUnit, PSR standarts, Laravel, Wordpress CMS.

5 (Dart). Mobile applications` development on Flutter.

6 (Ruby). Ruby on Rails, MiniTest, Active Record, Active Merchant, Action Mailer, Active Job, Turbolinks, Action Cable and so on.

7 (Erlang/Elixir). ETS tables, OTP, EDoc/ExDoc, Appmon, Pman, Table Viewer, Mnesia, HBase for caching, Ecto.

8 (Scala). Scala, Play.

Also I develop for Hadoop, Kafka, Akka, Storm, Samza, Spark projects.

$10 / Hour
$1,500 minimum budget