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Master level proficiency as a commercial application developer using Visual Foxpro, PHP/MySQL, Crystal Reports and FileMaker PRO 8.5, extending all architectures beyond their inherent design limitations via proprietary and borrowed innovative solutions. I am a master Visual Foxpro applications developer (Brainbench 97% score) with very comprehensive skills and experience for creating advanced web application programs. I have programmed my own proprietary low-level web browser using pure native VFP code with Windows operating system kernel API calls (e.g. socket level programming). I have innovated sophisticated interfacing of Crystal Reports objects with Visual Fox Pro and implemented complex Internet Explorer DOM interfacing combined with robust JavaScript, while adhering to high level security paradigms using highly efficient and organized coding techniques. I am very comprehensively skilled and experienced with PHP/MySQL (LAMP architecture) and have developed highly efficient,

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APIArchitectureCrystal ReportsDesignDeveloperDomFilemakerFilemaker ProFoxProIncorporationJavaScriptKernelLAMP StackMicrosoft SQL ServerMySQLPHPProgrammingReportsSecuritySQLVisual FoxproWindows

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