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Inter/Intra Network Software Engineer, Object-Oriented/Database Architect, Team Lead/Senior Developer, Computer Science Instructor Leading technical background in developing large 'open' object-oriented solutions to a wide range of business problems. Work well in team environments with individuals of varying skills and skill levels. Like to take on mentoring roles if possible. Expert working knowledge in the use of MSSQL 2000 / C# / ASP.NET / DCOM / MSMQ / Oracle / MySQL / PostgreSQL /Java / C++ / C / PHP / JSP / CORBA for developing large-scale distributed systems. Strong working knowledge of system administration on UNIX/Linux and Windows 9x/XP/200x platforms. Comfortable in both RAD (prefer) and waterfall types of software development life cycles (methodologies). Successful at mentoring college students and career focused technical staff in their careers as computer scientists and software professionals.

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AccessASPBasicCC++CGICORBADb/2dBaseDosFilemakerFortranGdbIBM AIXIBM InformixIBM MainframeJDBCLinuxLotus NotesNovell NetWareOraclePascalPerlSybaseVisual Basic

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