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 Working extensively in product development, design and certification testing for Qwest IQ (MPLS-VPN) RFC-2547 based product line.  Working extensively to upgrade the Qwest Backbone to incorporate Layer 2 VPN ( Draft Kompella ) VOIP traffics, Layer 3 VPN 2547biz.  Working extensively to regress test the junos (6.4R2) code to incorporate the new features and bugs are currently found in the network..  Design, tested and certified NMS solution for the managed cpe RFC-2547 line of priducts.  Maintain, manage and regression test the IOS for all IP production platform in Qwest IP Network  Tested and rolled out Qwest IQ product which is a MPLS -VPN based product  Tested and Certified juniper 5.5 code and roll out in Qwest IP Backbone  Tested and certified Cisco 12.0.26S code for the IP backbone  Established an end to end IP Product and Services Integration and Certification processes.  Lead the team to design, architect, and deploy Nation wide OC12 IP network for DISA (D

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BgpCCertification TestingCiscoDesignDNSEngineeringiOSJuniperJunosM4MplsOperating SystemsOspfProduct DevelopmentRadiusRegression TestingRoutersSecurityTechnical SupportTestTestingTraffic EngineeringVoIPVpn

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