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List of Projects 1)CREATION OF SPREADSHEETS TO ALLOW SUPPLIER FORECASTING OF FLUCTUATING DEMAND Background: Our company has a client whose consumption of product varies from month to month depending on sales. -Request maximum daily demand forecast from client -Use historical trends to determine need for buffer stock for brief surges of demand from client -Assist suppliers in determining what the leadtime is for the critical item in their supply chain -Create spreadsheet for our suppliers which will allow them to forecast demand, by changing one cell on the spreadsheet. Use conditional formatting to visually show when the critical item in their supply chain will create a problem. 2) REDUCTION IN FRONT OFFICE THROUGHPUT TIME FROM 10 DAYS TO 4 HOURS -Collected baseline data and analyzed processes -Cross-trained staff on all non-technical steps -Created visual signals to allow work to flow through office processes without excessive delays 3) DATA COMPILATION FOR

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