The best place for employers and freelancers to connect, collaborate, and get work done.

Helping You Work Your Way

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Guru provides businesses with the tools to find and hire talented freelancers all over the world. We also offer freelancers the opportunity to market sought-after skills to a global audience for a minimal cost.

We do much more than facilitate job postings on Guru. We also offer a wide range of promotional and support services. This combination of services and a powerful, flexible platform helps you get the work you need done in a way that best suits you.

Self-Funded, Self-Motivated

Guru first emerged in 2001 as a passion project. Inder Guglani was dissatisfied with the freelance marketplace landscape, and so he set out to make it satisfying.

Since Guru is self-funded, profitable, and growing fast, we spend our time improving our product and listening to the people who use it. We chart our own course, and relish the freedom to make bold decisions. Sometimes, that means using resources to build something necessary, like new freelancer profiles. Other times, it means devoting time to improving the tools we already have. Every thing we do is motivated by our goal of providing what our users need and want. Each move we make comes from the heart.

Meet the Team

Our company is made up of a few dozen introverts, extroverts, right brains, and left brains, all working hard to make products people love to use.

Our in-house support staff sits on the front lines, helping members solve problems and make the most of their Guru accounts. Our marketing and user-experience designers are constantly innovating, collaborating, and fixing things. And behind the scenes, we’ve got planners and business analysts keeping the wheels turning. We hire thoughtfully, because we’re building a team to scale with thousands of new users a day. Want to be a part of it? Apply within.

In keeping with our own model, we have a core team of innovators and planners working in our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania headquarters. The plans created by this core team are executed by a large network of talented freelance programmers, SEO experts and administrative specialists.