Delay Auto-Pay to Prevent Needless Disputes

by Anna |

Have a milestone invoice with an upcoming auto-pay date, but not quite ready for your guru to be paid? No problem. Maybe things fell behind schedule, or you need more time to review the work. Now you can simply delay auto-pay instead of opening a dispute to stop payment. However, if your guru believes the… Read more »

5 Time Management Strategies For The Busy Entrepreneur

by Amiad Soto |

Juggling (\Júg-lig\, n.): the act of manipulating one object or many objects at the same time, using one or both hands. What word could better describe the role of an entrepreneur? Planning for the future, while taking care of everyday admin responsibilities, is just another day in the life. Entrepreneurs are faced with frequent interruptions and are pulled in a… Read more »

Auto-Pay Delays: What You Need To Know

by Anna |

Starting Friday employers will be able to delay the automatic payment of milestone invoices backed by SafePay funds. This is useful if more time is needed to review your work, or if you fall behind schedule. Instead of opening a dispute to stop the payment, your employer can delay Auto-Pay for 7 days at a time. So,… Read more »

You Asked, We Delivered

by Anna |

Compared with the larger changes we made to the work room earlier this month, last week’s updates may have slipped past your radar. But don’t be fooled – they pack a serious punch! Get acquainted with these small-but-mighty updates to how you track time and invoice for milestones. We hope they make your experience using… Read more »