Announcing Changes to How Employers Can Contact and Hire You

by Anna |

Say goodbye to spam messages and fragmented communication from employers! Here’s what’s new: No More Unsolicited Messages You will no longer receive messages that don’t have something to do with a job posted on To contact you, employers must invite you to apply for a job. This reduces the chances that you will be contacted by spammers… Read more »

4 Easy Ways to Hire Freelancers on Guru

by Anna |

Looking to hire freelancers? Whether you have someone in mind or want to find someone new, we’ve introduced a few changes to make the process easier. Here are four ways you can hire freelancers on Guru. 1. Post your job to receive new quotes. Gone are the days of posting a job, not knowing how… Read more »

Labor Day 2014 Payment Schedule

by Anna |

Guru headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA will be closed Monday, September 1 in observance of Labor Day. We’ll reopen on Tuesday, September 2 at 9:00 a.m. (EST). U.S. banks will also be closed during this time, so all scheduled payments will be rescheduled for Tuesday, September 2. Please don’t make payments from your bank account to… Read more »

Keep Your Next Quote From Being Overlooked

by Anna |

You found a freelance job that fits you perfectly, and you submitted a killer quote. High five! But wait… did you know that your profile could keep your quote from being seen? Employers can now filter and sort the quotes they receive to view only the best matches for their jobs. How well you match… Read more »

Choosing The Best Quote Just Got Easier

by Anna |

It used to be no small task to sift through quotes submitted by freelancers. But now, new filters and sorting tools give you complete control over the quotes you see. Sort by “Best Match” to see those who best fit all of your job’s requirements. Filter by specific skill, quote type, location, and more. Whether… Read more »

6 Freelance Fails Hindering Your Success

by Nick Chowdrey |

Freelancers can live amazing lives: cut loose from the tether of the corporate mothership, jet-setting around the world, issuing huge invoices to world-renowned clients.… Or, they can be stuck in their basement, surrounded by candy bar wrappers, sequestering in their own filth, not knowing when the next job’s going to come along. What’s the difference… Read more »