5 Common Hiring Mistakes, And How To Avoid Them

by Anna |

Hiring the wrong freelancer can cost you and your company money and precious time. Choose the right professional by avoiding these five common hiring mistakes. 1. Low budget, high expectations. Having a dollar figure in mind can actually cause you to overlook the best talent for your needs. Plus, it can be costly if you… Read more »

Safari 7 Bug Affecting Functionality of Many Websites

by Anna |

Mac and iOS users, if you’re accessing Guru.com using iOS 8 or Safari 7, you may want to use a different browser like Google Chrome or Firefox for now. Recent updates to Safari have affected some major functionality of many websites across the web. If you notice problems with functions like sending messages, posting and… Read more »

Columbus Day 2014 Payment Schedule

by Stacy |

Monday, October 13 is a federal U.S. holiday (Columbus Day). Guru will be open during regular business hours and will process payments as usual, but all U.S. banks are closed on this date. Payments made by Prepaid MasterCard, direct deposit or wire transfer may be delayed in reaching you. Be aware of the potential for… Read more »

3 Steps to Finding Freelance Jobs Faster

by Anna |

Having trouble finding the freelance jobs you want on Guru? Here are three easy steps that will save you time and frustration. 1. Search with carefully-chosen keywords and phrases. Change up your search terms and see which gives you the best results. Some tips: Check the spelling, and leave a space between words. Choose different keywords… Read more »

How to Protect Yourself Online

by Anna |

Many of us depend on the Internet to manage our business, finances, and personal lives. However if you don’t adequately protect yourself online, your information can get in the wrong hands and you can find yourself a victim of malicious attacks. Another major bug recently hit computer systems (Shellshock), a reminder for how important it is to make sure your business… Read more »

Announcing Changes to How Employers Can Contact and Hire You

by Anna |

Say goodbye to spam messages and fragmented communication from employers! Here’s what’s new: No More Unsolicited Messages You will no longer receive messages that don’t have something to do with a job posted on Guru.com. To contact you, employers must invite you to apply for a job. This reduces the chances that you will be contacted by spammers… Read more »