Choosing The Best Quote Just Got Easier

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choose the best quote
It used to be no small task to sift through quotes submitted by freelancers. But now, new filters and sorting tools give you complete control over the quotes you see.

  • Sort by “Best Match” to see those who best fit all of your job’s requirements.
  • Filter by specific skill, quote type, location, and more.

Whether you receive ten quotes or hundreds, easily pinpoint the best quote for your job.
Try it for yourself! Post a job today to start receiving quotes.

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6 Freelance Fails Hindering Your Success

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freelance fails
Freelancers can live amazing lives: cut loose from the tether of the corporate mothership, jet-setting around the world, issuing huge invoices to world-renowned clients.…

Or, they can be stuck in their basement, surrounded by candy bar wrappers, sequestering in their own filth, not knowing when the next job’s going to come along.

What’s the difference between the two? The second one made some major mistakes. Do yourself a favor and avoid these common freelance fails.


Is your profile keeping you from being matched to jobs?

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Guru employers have a new interactive tool to help them create better job postings. As employers enter their requirements, they see in real-time how their choices affect the number of freelancer matches found. As a result, job postings will be more detailed, and your job matches will be even better.

If you’re ranked in the top 20 matches for a given job, we’ll let you know in your job matches starting September 1. But if you haven’t tagged your services and work collections with skill and industry keywords, you won’t be matched with jobs that might be the perfect fit!

real-time freelancer matches

Don’t miss out. Look at your profile today and make sure you’ve added all of the keywords that will get you hired.

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Introducing Two Easy Ways to Hire on Guru

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hire on Guru
Our new interactive form helps you create better job postings and hire the freelancers you need. Whether you have someone in mind or want to find someone new, it’s never been easier. Get new quotes or rehire freelancers fast!

1. Post your job to receive new quotes.
Gone are the days of posting a job, not knowing how many freelancers will match your requirements. See exactly how many matches are found as you create your job posting. Use the real-time updated match number to guide your choices. When you are finished, we’ll invite the top 20 matches for you (if you’d like).

2. Rehire freelancers fast.
Shortcut the process of posting a job and quickly rehire freelancers. Simply describe the work you need to have done and click the link to rehire. Then select the freelancers you want to rehire. It’s as easy as that!

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Creating Secure and Practical Milestones

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Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Life is a journey, not a destination.”

This is one of those quotes that can be applied to all achievements in life. Everyone knows that the best goals are ones that can take a while to reach. With any great achievement, it’s best to lay out checkpoints along the way. In the business world, it allows you to protect your investment while your eye remains on a target that is still way off into the distance.