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What Are the Roles of Support Personnel?

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Hiring freelance support staff is a fantastic way to reduce time pressures, focus on running your business, and delegate tasks

such as answering incoming calls or customer queries to an experienced professional.

Whether you’d like to hire a freelance phone support agent to manage your schedule and take messages, need a customer support agent to take responsibility for customer emails, calls, and inquiries, or require a tech support expert for your small business, a great admin support team can significantly improve your customer service.

On Guru, we have a huge array of talented freelance support personnel to select from, and we have summarized some of the most in-demand support roles below to help you fine-tune your job post.

What Duties Can Freelance Phone Support Personnel Take On?

As a hirer, you can craft a specific job post to invite independent freelancers to submit a proposal for the work. Your requirements should be tailored to the tasks you need your remote or virtual assistant to manage, which could include:

  • Providing phone coverage during the working day or in certain periods when you are busy elsewhere
  • Handling emails and social media messages or dealing with live chat functions through your website
  • Tracking orders, answering questions, scheduling meetings and call-backs, logging customer calls and purchases, and updating your records

What does a customer support agent do, and how does that role differ from an administrative support position? Generally, a customer support agent is forward-facing and will liaise directly with your clients or prospective customers by telephone. They may be asked to answer every incoming call promptly, provide updates on order dispatch dates, or help customers who need help choosing a product or using your ordering functions.

How Does Remote Admin Support Work?

Businesses can use a variety of approaches to ensure their freelance hires have the access and tools necessary to carry out their assigned duties. You might provide login details for your systems and backend or e-commerce platform or allow a freelancer to remote-access your desktop screen.

Freelance support personnel are adept at providing phone call assistance remotely and can often recommend solutions that they find work particularly well. In many cases, you can set up a separate login for your cloud-based networks, email provider, or domain, route calls to any handset or device, or direct calls and inquiries to Skype, Zoom, Teams, or a virtual call center. This means your customer can call the same number or email the same address they have always used and get through to your freelance support provider.

Creating a Job Post to Hire Freelance Phone Support Personnel

Given the breadth of skills and tasks you may need your support personnel to carry out, it is wise to include as much detail as possible within your job post. Support personnel might specialize in administration, customer services, secretarial jobs, or data entry, as a few examples.

Among the thousands of support staff job posts we publish, many businesses ask for freelancers who are experienced in:

  • Answering calls with a great communication manner and professional tone
  • Preparing reports and documents or entering data into their systems
  • Managing calendars and scheduling meetings
  • Responding to emails and live chat messages

We suggest including any criteria you may have, such as speaking a specific language depending on where your customers are based or having experience using your software or email service.

What Skills Should I Look for in Professional Support Personnel?

Many businesses prefer to hire freelance support agents who have worked within their industry or sector before, will require little training, and can get to work immediately. Other priorities could include:

  • Excellent reliability: Working to an agreed schedule, and being online and available to respond to calls or complete tasks punctually
  • Organizational skills: Being able to manage multiple tasks according to urgency and your instructions and work systematically to tick off pending to-dos
  • Flexibility: The ability to respond to changing requirements or adjust schedules accordingly if a new project or task takes precedence
  • Great spoken and written communication to present your company or brand in the right way

If you need further guidance about finding the ideal support personnel for your business, we suggest browsing our extensive network of freelance support professionals, or posting your free job listing today to watch qualified candidates come to you!

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