Work Your Way With Agreements

We offer flexibility with our Agreements so that you can define exactly how you want to work online.

Payment Terms

Choose how and when payments will be made.

  • Fixed Price

    Create milestones for your job. Set due dates and amount to be paid for each milestone.

    Ideal for: Jobs with high budget consideration

  • Hourly

    Define the hourly rate and the maximum time to be spent in a week. Use our Time Tracker tool to accurately record billable hours. Generate invoices weekly, based on the hours worked.

    Ideal for: Jobs which need flexibility with evolving job specifications

  • Recurring Payments

    Set up jobs as retainers with this option. Payments can be made weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly.

    Ideal for: Jobs with fixed payouts at a pre-defined interval

  • Task-Based

    Create and assign tasks as required for ad-hoc freelance work. Payments can be made for a task once the job is done.

    Ideal for: Jobs with cost tracking at an individual task level

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Scope of Work

Define the deliverables for the job, including:

  1. Understanding of the job

  2. Your solution

  3. Relevant files and tools

  4. Specific deliverables

  5. Timeframe and deadlines

Get More from Your Agreement

Use SafePay and Autopay to protect the time and effort you spend on Guru.

SafePay helps create transparency on the platform. The shared account is funded by the Employer before work begins. This gives a sense of security to both the Employer (who knows they can review work before releasing payment) and the Freelancer (who can see that funds are available).

Learn More About SafePay

AutoPay is ideal for an Employer who manages multiple invoices. When AutoPay is enabled, the Freelancer gets paid for outstanding invoices from SafePay within an agreed-upon timeframe - 7, 14, or 28 days after the invoice is issued.

Learn More About AutoPay