Payment Protection with SafePay

SafePay is a secure, transparent and convenient way to make and receive payments for online freelance services on Guru.

What is SafePay?

SafePay helps provide transparency on the platform. It is a shared account that is funded by the Employer before starting work. When SafePay is funded, the Freelancer can feel confident that funds are available, and the Employer feels secure that work can be reviewed before making the payment.

SafePay helps create transparency on the platform.

How Does SafePay Work?

  1. Freelancer defines a minimum SafePay balance while creating an Agreement.

  2. Employer funds SafePay according to the Payment terms in the Agreement.

  3. Freelancer begins to deliver work according to the expectations set in the Agreement.

  4. Employer can use the funds in SafePay to make payments after reviewing the submitted work.

Funds in SafePay aren't tied to one specific job or task and can be used to make payments for any work done with respect to the job on our online freelance marketplace. An Employer can pay for tasks, milestones, hours, miscellaneous work, or even bonuses. Funds can be released to either the Employer or the Freelancer. In the case of a disagreement, either party can request Arbitration, as long as funds are available in SafePay.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it mandatory to use SafePay?

    No, it is not mandatory to use SafePay. We recommend the use of SafePay especially when you are working with a Freelancer for the first time.

  • Is it free to use SafePay?

    Yes, SafePay is free to use by both Employers and Freelancers. However, if Arbitration is requested, we charge an Arbitration Fee of either $25 or 5% of the SafePay balance (whichever is higher). This fee is taken from the funds in SafePay. If SafePay balance is $50 or less, we waive our fee and the balance is distributed equally between the Employer and the Freelancer.

  • How do I add funds to SafePay?

    Funds can be added by the Employer, based on the Agreement or a request to fund sent by the Freelancer.

  • What is the role of Arbitration while using SafePay?

    We offer Arbitration services only for funds in SafePay. Either party can request for Arbitration during which our Arbitrators review job expectations, communication between the parties, and work deliverables. Once a ruling is reached, funds in SafePay are distributed.