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With so many Profiles to view and pick from, it is imperative that your Profile effectively communicates your qualifications and capabilities to every prospective Employer who may be looking to hire you on our freelancing website. To make it easy for Employers to quickly understand your value proposition and connect with you for work opportunities, we highly recommend you add a video to your Profile.

A video can lend character and a personal touch to your Profile. Its immersive and engaging format allows you to present your capabilities in a more creative way. A video can help create an instant bond with prospective Employers and motivate them to connect with you. More often than not it can differentiate you from others and help seal the deal.

What role will videos play on Guru

The video in your Profile is about to get a lot more attention. Starting May 14, videos in Profiles will be made accessible to Employers across different touchpoints on the site.

Besides the Freelancer Profiles, Employers will be able to experience the videos when they are searching for Freelancers and viewing Quotes they have received. In short, your video will play a significant role in differentiating you from other Freelancers and help Employers make their hiring decision.

What you should do

If you don’t yet have an introduction video on your Profile, we encourage you to start making one and add it to your Guru Profile as soon as you can.

For inspiration, you can see the following videos that Freelancers on Guru have already added:

1. Artur Moczulski has used the video medium to illustrate his capabilities and establish how he is different from others.

2. Ben Weissentein uses testimonials from previous Employers to establish his expertise and capabilities in his video.

3. Chetu Inc. has created an animated video with clean visuals and impactful voice over to explain their delivery capabilities, experience, and differentiating factors.

4. The intro video by ServReality has the CEO talk of their capabilities, experience, team, and closes the video with a message encouraging Employers to get in touch with them.

5. Manuel Marino creates a good first impression by talking of his expertise with examples of projects delivered.

6. Social Digicots have used interesting visuals of their office and employees with lively background music to share information on their company and the services they provide.

7. Hashing DNA has created an animated video to explain what exactly they can do for potential Employers.

How can you make your video

Plan for a two-three minute video where you (include your team members if you want) can share key information about your freelance business. Such a video is easy to make, adds a personal touch to your Profile, and helps create an impactful first impression on prospective Employers.

To ensure a good video, follow these best practices when you are making one:

  1. Create a strong script – Before you start making your video, write down exactly what you will say. Include information on who you are, what services and skills you offer, what kind of experience you have, your team (if you have one), projects you have worked on, and most importantly what differentiates you from other Freelancers. Close the script with a clear call to action that you want the Employers to take after watching the video.
  2. Use a good camera to shoot – Use any good camera that you have – DSLR or even a smartphone. Shoot with a minimum video resolution of 720p (HD) and preferably 1080p (Full HD) for the best quality.
  3. Ensure proper lighting when you are shooting – If you are shooting indoors, shoot in a room that has a lot of natural light. Make sure the source of light is in front of you or on your side. Use additional lights (table lamps, ceiling lights) if required. If you are shooting outdoors, shoot when sunlight is not as direct, preferably a little after sunrise or before sunset when sunlight is soft. Ensure that sunlight is directed at your face at an angle and not behind you. Be careful of any outdoor noise such as traffic or wind that may get recorded.
  4. Shoot in a simple set up – Choose a setup that has a simple non-distracting background. If you or other team members are planning to make an appearance in the video, make sure you present yourself well. Wear solid colors and avoid stripes and patterns. Also while shooting do not have too much space above the subjects head. Shoot till the waist of the subject.
  5. Review the video once done – Once you have created the video, ensure that it plays smoothly without any abrupt breaks or glitches. The video and audio quality should be clear. You can add your logo and branding if you want, using a basic editing tool.

We hope you now have a good understanding of how to create a video. So go ahead, create one and update your Guru Profile today.

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