Introducing Consolidated Invoicing for Guru Enterprise Users

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We are pleased to share that Enterprise users on Guru can now consolidate their invoices. When you choose to consolidate invoices, you define a time period for consolidating all the approved invoices. At the end of the defined time period, all approved invoices are consolidated into one single invoice which can then be paid securely on Guru.

Benefits of consolidated invoicing:

1. Simplify Accounting

By using consolidated invoicing, you pay all invoices with one transaction and simplify accounting for all invoice payments on Guru. One transaction is all you need to pay and record all your invoice payments on Guru.

2. Unify Payment Operations of Distributed Project Management Teams

Consolidated invoicing helps organizations consolidate the invoicing and payment functions of teams working on Guru from across locations with the help of a designated account.

3. Create a Single Large Purchase Order

Consolidated invoicing can also simplify the management of purchase orders. You can generate one purchase order for the consolidated invoice instead of multiple purchase orders for each Freelancer invoice. For a consolidated invoice, you may elect to generate the purchase order in favor of Guru.

4. Retain Control over Invoice Scrutiny

As invoices are created on Guru, the user must approve each individual invoice for payment. At the end of the designated time period, approved invoices are collated to create a single consolidated invoice for the designated account. The consolidated invoice can then be paid confidently as it only contains those invoices that have been approved for payment.

5. Restrict Access to Payment Methods

With consolidated invoicing, only the designated account that receives the consolidated invoice has access to the payment methods. Thus you can secure your payment methods by limiting access to who may add, view and use your payment methods.

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