Add a Non-U.S. Bank Account to Withdraw Funds From Your Guru Cash Account

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In addition to U.S. Bank Account, PayPal, and Wire Transfer, Freelancers from 15+ countries can now also withdraw funds from their Guru Cash Account to a Non-U.S. Bank Account. (See the full list of countries below.) $1 withdrawal fee. Guaranteed spot rate.

This is an excellent fund withdrawal option for those freelancers who previously used Payoneer or who prefer withdrawing funds to a non-U.S. bank account.

To set up a Non-U.S. Bank Account as a fund withdrawal method today, follow these steps. Please note:

  • Your Cash Account must have a minimum balance of $100. 
  • We currently support the following countries for withdrawals to non-U.S. bank accounts: Argentina, Bangladesh, Canada, China, India, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, UK, United Arab Emirates

To add your Non-U.S. Bank Account: 

  1. From the “Dashboard” page, go to the “Payments” tab and select “Transfer Methods.” 
  2. Select “Add Transfer Method.” 
  3. Select “Add Non-U.S. Bank Account” from the dropdown.
    • You can add up to three bank accounts. 
    • You must provide the Swift ID of the receiving bank and your account details. 
    • The country of the bank account must match the country listed on your Guru account. 
  4. You can only opt to withdraw funds in your Local Currency:    
    • $1 withdrawal fee.  
    • The receiving bank (your bank) does not charge an additional fee. 
    • Our partner applies a spot rate (current exchange rate) that you will see when withdrawing funds from your Cash Account. The partner guarantees the spot rate. You may optionally wait to withdraw funds to receive a better spot rate. 

It may take five business days for your bank to receive funds. You will receive an email notification once the funds have been sent to your bank. 

Add Your Non-U.S. Bank Account Today

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