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Top Freelancing Services in Buenos Aires

  • View Service Offered By Leonardo Otero1
    Leonardo Otero1

    CABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    • Angular
    • AngularJS
    • Blockchain API
    • Business Management & Consulting
    • Email Marketing
    • Ember.js
    • Engineering
    • JavaScript
    • Marketing
    • Node.js

    Full-Stack Software Engineer

    Worked as a software engineer for 20 years, served as an individual contributor, senior developer, project manager for many startups/agencies. Mainly focusing on PHP, Node.js, Python, and JavaScript full-stack frameworks like Vue, Nuxt, Quasar, AngularJS, Angular, React. Strong experience with Team working and agile working methodologies. - OOA, OOD, OOP, TDD. BDD Experience leading development teams at Fortune 500 companies: Specialties: - Development - System Architecture - Software Factory S... View more

  • View Service Offered By Star Fullstack
    Star Fullstack

    Belen De Escobar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    2,680/yr ·
    • Angular
    • API Development
    • Data Management
    • Database Development
    • Design
    • Microsoft
    • Software Development
    • User Interface Design
    • Web Development
    • Zend Framework

    Full-stack developer

    I''m a Senior Full-stack Web Developer with 15+ years of development experience. I like being on top of the latest technologies and learning new things, and I love working with people with amazing ideas, and great skills, people which I can learn from. I think the best tool for learning and became a master of some skill is teaching, that''s why knowledge transfer in any way is very important for the community and ourselves. + Languages + + Backend Development + + Databases + + CMS & eCommerce + + ... View more

  • View Service Offered By KodarisArt

    Pinamar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    1,880/yr ·
    • Card Design
    • Caricatures
    • Cartooning
    • Character Design
    • Cover Design
    • Illustration

    Card Cover

    a Cover for a tarot card group game. Fantasy theme, oriented for the Hell kingdom. Using The Devil for the front cover.- Designing characters for a card game, based on DnD fantasy style. Using Photoshop and paint tool sai. Heroes, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, and Goblins. The illustrations are one character per card. How do I work?  I send the basic sketch once it''s approved. I continue with the inking and coloring. Then attach the low resolution and once the safe-pay is added, I send the full-resoluti... View more

  • View Service Offered By Luciano Hernandez
    Luciano Hernandez

    AAD, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    • Branding
    • Corporate Branding
    • Design
    • Logos & Identity Packages
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Business Card Design
    • Menu Design

    Branding Design and Graphic Development

    Hello, my name is Luciano Hernández, I provide branding and logo design services. My years of experience doing this allows me to understand the needs of my clients. Together we will discover the core values of your company and put them to work as a cohesive, holistic brand. Through rational thinking, we will walk trough all applications beyond graphics to build a great communication from the brand to its customers. I''m a skilled and flexible professional, and we can discuss all the terms of the ... View more

  • View Service Offered By Reinaldo Snek
    Reinaldo Snek

    Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    1,648/yr ·
    • 2D Design
    • Animation
    • Animation (2D / 3D / Traditional / Motion)
    • Artist
    • Books
    • Cartooning
    • Character Design
    • Comic Artist
    • Comic Strip Art
    • Design

    Character design / Storyboard

    Eu me formei em desenho observacional e trabalhei como retratista/caricaturista por um período significativo de tempo. Ao mesmo tempo, estudei arte sequencial por conta própria e produzi roteiros e desenhos para histórias em quadrinhos, projetos de séries animadas e curtas-metragens. Hoje estou mais inclinado ao design de personagens (2D), storyboard e ilustração. View more

  • View Service Offered By Pablo1973

    Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    1,620/yr ·
    • Book Illustration
    • Character Design
    • Cover Art
    • Digital Illustration
    • Drawing
    • Fantasy and Sci-Fi Illustration
    • Line Art
    • Pen & Ink Drawing
    • Comic Strip Art
    • Comic Strip

    Fantasy & Sci-Fi Illustration

    I'm an experienced artist with a long time working as a freelancer for several publishers and companies.My artwork fits with a lot of genres and styles, including comic books, single illustrations, logo designs and more.I'm very professional and you can see my artwork skills taking a look to my gallery. View more

  • View Service Offered By Uri Bachino
    Uri Bachino

    cABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    1,230/yr ·
    • Branding & Identity Packages
    • Cold Calling
    • Content Marketing
    • Creative Design
    • Customer Service
    • Digital Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Facebook Advertising
    • Instagram Marketing
    • Landing Page Design

    Social Media Content, SDR

    Relentless yet creative and thoughtful at work. Excellent social media content for your social media and branding. Versatile and effective at maintaining a relationship with potential customers. Unafraid of cold calling, cold emailing. Always with the best predisposal to talk to them. Teamwork and respect is everything. View more

  • View Service Offered By Ileanalp

    Belen De Escobar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    710/yr ·
    • Brand Identity
    • Brochure Design
    • Business Consulting
    • Corporate Identity
    • Design
    • Graphic & Layout Design
    • Logo Design
    • Mockups
    • Color Concepts
    • Font Development

    Logo & brand identity design

    Hi, I''m Ileana. I have a B.A. in Graphic Design, Buenos Aires University. I taught college, and over the last 20 years, I have been working in Corporate Design as an Art Director for Toyota, LoJack, Securitas, L''Oreal, OSDE, and many other companies. I care deeply about helping startups tell their story through design. Therefore I suggest the following working stages. Brand Design process 1. Research and Creative strategy I will ask you some questions to discover what vision you have for your br... View more

  • View Service Offered By Ailin Pollio
    Ailin Pollio

    Mar Del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    • Linguistics
    • Proof Reading
    • Spanish Language
    • Transcription
    • Translation


    I''m a Spanish Native Speaker with wide experience performing high quality translation, transcription and proofreading services. I am a careful, fast, reliable and skilled expert linguist. I can provide the following services:  - Translations From ENGLISH to SPANISH and ITALIAN  - Translations From SPANISH to ENGLISH and ITALIAN  - Translations From ITALIAN to SPANISH and ENGLISH  - Proofreading and Editing in SPANISH and ITALIAN  - SPANISH and ITALIAN Transcription - SPANISH Phonemic Transcripti... View more

  • View Service Offered By Tomas Martinez
    Tomas Martinez

    Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    439/yr ·
    • International Business
    • International Relations
    • Politics
    • Public Policy
    • Transportation
    • Analysis
    • Political Consulting
    • Risk Assessment
    • History Writing
    • Investigation

    Professional Investigations and Reports

    I will research and write about any topic related to: Politics, Current events, News, International relations, Conflict, Regulations, Laws, Risk analysis With over 5 years of experience in public service, political activity and international relations I can provide succinct, readable and digested information easy to understand in any topic. View more

  • View Service Offered By Monica Peterburg
    Monica Peterburg

    Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    413/yr ·
    • Acrobat
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Advertising
    • Banners
    • Book Cover Art
    • Copy and Paste
    • Design
    • Dropbox
    • Flyers
    • Graphic Design

    The Graphic Designer that you need

    I am a graphic designer with over 20 years of international experience in advertising. My experience in competitive markets in the world give me strong knowledge in marketing, design, and management of communication resources   I invite you to see some of my works:  View more

  • View Service Offered By Gabriel Matzkin
    Gabriel Matzkin

    Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    400/yr ·
    • 3D Animation
    • 3D Design
    • 3D Modeling
    • 3D Rendering
    • Adobe After Effects
    • Advertising
    • Animation
    • Artist
    • Fluid Simulation
    • Houdini


    My name is Gabriel Matzkin. I´m a very experienced professional and as you´ll see in my reels I´m very proficient in many roles: Generalist, FX artist, Lighting artist, Compositor, Matchmover, etc both as an artist and as a supervisor. What I do: What software I use: Maya, Houdini, RealFlow, Nuke, After Effects, PFTrack, Boujou, Mocha, View more

  • View Service Offered By Mgab

    San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    285/yr ·
    • Academic Translation
    • Biochemistry
    • Blog Writing
    • Chemical Biology
    • Data Science
    • Editing
    • English Grammar
    • English Language
    • English Spelling
    • History

    English/Spanish translation

    I translate texts of any kind from English to Spanish or viceversa. Science-related texts (Blog articles, reports, manuscripts, papers) are my specialty (I'm 5th year STEM student) but any kind of technical translation is available. I'm also a world history enthusiast, so history-related writing and editing is more than welcome. Proofreading and transcriptions included. View more

  • View Service Offered By Alejo Nahuel
    Alejo Nahuel

    Chapadmalal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    275/yr ·
    • 2D Design
    • 3D Modeling
    • AutoCAD
    • Cad
    • CAD Modeling
    • DELFTship
    • Design
    • Drafting
    • Drawing
    • Engineering

    Product design

    I like to transform ideas into powerful products that will exponentially grow your business. I can provide all the process for your project. Taking in to account your requirements, I can provide new designs or evolutionary concepts based on your existing products. I really enjoy working with 3D modeling programs. Software like Auto CAD, SolidWorks, Rhinoceros, DelftShip, Keyshot, and Adobe set ps. ai that I use successfully to bring my ideas to life in Product and Naval Design. Please take a l... View more

  • View Service Offered By Diego Cerrutti
    Diego Cerrutti

    Buenos aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    235/yr ·
    • CRM
    • Odoo
    • Oracle Siebel CRM
    • Zoho
    • Zoho CRM

    Consultoria en Siebel

    Consultor especializado en CRM, combinando experiencia técnica con especialización en Integración y amplio conocimiento sobre la herramienta Siebel en sus áreas arquitectónicas, técnicas y funcionales; y habilidades de liderazgo de grandes equipos, formación de recursos, gestión de las relaciones con el cliente y visión comercial.   En más de 10 años trabajando en proyectos de Sistemas he participado proactivamente en tareas de todo el ciclo de desarrollo (Adquisición de Requerimientos, Estudios... View more

  • View Service Offered By Lucio Audivert
    Lucio Audivert

    CVG, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    • Coaching
    • Consultancy
    • Psychological Health
    • Psychologist
    • Well Being

    Consultoria psicológica

    Ofrezco una consultoria psicológica para abordar problemas personales y favorecer el crecimiento personal. La idea es brindarte un espacio cómodo de trabajo en el cual puedas desplegar las cuestiones que te estén afectando y podamos desarrollar herramientas para que las afrontes. Es un espacio personal de autoconocimiento.  View more

  • View Service Offered By marianna michinel
    marianna michinel

    AHG, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    200/yr ·
    • CRM
    • Growth Hacking
    • Inbound Marketing
    • Marketing
    • Sales & Marketing Management
    • Strategic Marketing

    CRM implementation

    End to End Hubspot Implementation for small and medium businesses. Sales + Marketing + Service Hubs + CMS. 360 inbound marketing strategy. email nurturing campaigns. google + facebook + linkedin ads. database upkeeping. user + team management. sales pipeline set up. marketing automation. contacts + deals + tickets properties creation. View more

  • View Service Offered By Nicolas Colacitti
    Nicolas Colacitti

    Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    200/yr ·
    • Art
    • Art Consulting
    • Art Direction
    • Art Selection
    • Artist
    • Book Writing
    • Color Design
    • Comic Book Art
    • Comic Strip Art
    • Comics

    Comic Book Artist

    All-in-one comic book artist, specialized in storytelling, pencils, inks, colors, lettering and script writing. View more

  • View Service Offered By Giselle L Lopez
    Giselle L Lopez

    Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    175/yr ·
    • Design
    • Graphic & Layout Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Help Desk
    • Logo Design
    • Logo Designer
    • Brand Logo
    • Logo Art
    • Ads
    • Creative Content

    Graphic Design

    I give freelance solutions for graphic design problems since 2014. I've made designs for brochures, logo design, banners, candybar, branding such as card design and more. I'm always in a good mood to start working! I love this and I'm good understanding what people need. I also put everything I can to give the finished projects in a short time. View more

  • View Service Offered By Maria Ines Fayolle
    Maria Ines Fayolle

    San Justo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    120/yr ·
    • Artist
    • Book Cover Design
    • Books
    • Concept Development
    • Cover Art
    • Creative Design
    • Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Illustration
    • Photo and Image Editing

    Unique and creative cover book design

    Hi, I´m Maria, an experienced 12 years graphic designer. I will design a unique and creative cover for your book so it stands out from all of their kind. I always do my best to make my designs original and outstanding. I´m a very versatile designer so I can design for different genres of books. You can send me concepts and samples for your book cover to get your idea, and the results will be what you are expecting and more! We will work together to make it real! View more

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