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Top Indian Architects

  • View Service Offered By Scopic
    Scopic Member

    Rutland, Massachusetts, United States

    858,006/yr ·
    • Architects
    • AI Apps
    • App Development
    • Application Design
    • AWS Lambda
    • Back End Development
    • Cryptocurrency
    • Database
    • Database Design
    • Elastic Search

    Custom Software Development

    Scopic Software has the skills and experience to handle more than just standard and relatively common web, mobile, and desktop applications. We have the full capabilities to handle unique projects that require rare skills and talented developers in the team. Be it hardware programming (CNC machines, RFID devices, TWAIN scanner, and other), custom cloud-based solutions, augmented reality solutions, state-of-the-art algorithms implementation, or any other, we have got you covered! The Scopic team ... View more

  • View Service Offered By Zco U.
    Zco U. Member

    Oakland, California, United States

    408,813/yr ·
    • Architects
    • Amazon Cognito
    • Amazon EC2
    • Amazon Lambda
    • Amazon S3
    • Architecture
    • Back End Development
    • Backend Development
    • Dynamo DB
    • Engineering

    AWS Serverless Backend Engineer

    Ability to understand Migration requirements and bridge the gaps. Expertise in architecture blueprints and detailed documentation. Create a bill of materials, including required Cloud Services (such as EC2, S3, etc.) and tools, Hands-on experience with EC2, ECS, ELB, EBS, S3, VPC, IAM, SQS, RDS, Lambda, Cloud Watch, Storage Gateway, Cloud formation, Elastic Beanstalk, and Autoscaling. Demonstrable experience with developer tools like Code Deploy, CodeBuild, Code Pipeline, design the overall Virt... View more

  • View Service Offered By Top Guru Assistants
    Top Guru Assistants Member

    Laguna Beach, California, United States

    353,090/yr ·
    • Architects
    • Android
    • ASP.NET
    • Bootstrap
    • C#
    • DotNetNuke
    • Flutter
    • HTML5
    • Ionic
    • iOS

    Hire Laravel Developer | Web Development

    YES IT Labs LLC dba Top Guru Assistants is full-stack IT services and solutions providing company, headquartered in California, USA with a team of 130+ in-house software developers working from State-of-Art offshore development center. From ideation and adoption to project deployment and management, YES IT Labs LLC brings in years of experience to help our business partners plan, orchestrate, and manage all their IT needs in the most effective and efficient manner. Our partner-centric business a... View more

  • View Service Offered By NIX-agency
    NIX-agency Member

    Kfar Saba, Tel Aviv, Israel

    277,515/yr ·
    • Architects
    • Data Architecture
    • Data Engineering
    • Data Management
    • Data Pipeline
    • Data Warehouse
    • Data Warehouse Architecture
    • Database Administration
    • Database Design
    • Database Development

    Data Engineering Solutions

    Our engineers help you unleash the power of big data and automate internal processes through custom-built intelligent solutions to reach your ultimate business goals faster. We can help you with: Building big data management solutions Building, configuring, or upgrading cloud-based data lakes and data warehouse solutions Configuring and implementing off-the-shelf cloud solutions from leading vendors such as Google, AWS, Azure, IBM Migrating data systems to the cloud, from one enterprise system t... View more

  • View Service Offered By T. I.T.
    T. I.T. Member

    Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    271,750/yr ·
    • Architects
    • API Development
    • App & Mobile Programming
    • App Development
    • App Tester
    • App UI Design
    • Communication Skills
    • Concept Development
    • Design
    • Game Development

    Custom Software & Application Developing

    End-to-end development of scalable solutions, T.I.T. delivers turn-key custom software development solutions. Custom Software Development: We provide custom software development solutions for web, desktop, and mobile that are responsive and scalable. Our custom software development solutions enhance user experience, facilitates multiple communication channels, grow revenues, and boost business operations from concept to code and development to deployment. Implementation & Deployment: We devise a... View more

  • View Service Offered By Suretek Infosoft Pvt. Ltd.
    Suretek Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. Member

    Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

    248,399/yr ·
    • Architects
    • Bitcoin
    • Blockchain
    • Component Development
    • Cryptocurrency
    • Distributed Computing
    • ERC20
    • Ethereum
    • Hyperledger
    • ICO

    Hyperledger / ICO / Smart contract

    Hyperledger Fabric is a platform for distributed ledger solutions, underpinned by a modular architecture delivering high degrees of confidentiality, resiliency, flexibility, and scalability. It is designed to support pluggable implementations of different components and accommodate the complexity and intricacies that exist across the economic ecosystem. Our Services includes: > Crypto Currency Exchange Platform > Crypto Wallet > Blockchain Development > Ethereum Development > ERC20 Token View more

  • View Service Offered By Steve Y.
    Steve Y. Member

    Lakeville, Minnesota, United States

    189,795/yr ·
    • Architects
    • ASP.NET
    • Azure
    • C#
    • C++
    • Cloud Computing
    • DevOps
    • Java
    • JavaScript
    • MySQL

    Python, C#, C++/ASP.NET/Java/Ruby/AWS

    Certified with 10+ years of full-time, professional experience as a web developer in various fields such as Engineering, Higher Education, Human Resources, Accounting, and Manufacturing. • 700+ projects delivered • 10+ years of experience transforming ideas into reality Our highly skilled coders have experience with over 50 types of technologies including: • Desktop: C++/Qt, ASP.NET, Java, Ruby • Web: React, Angular, Node.js, PHP/Laravel/Yii/Magento, .Net, Java, AWS Serverless Computing • Mobile... View more

  • View Service Offered By Tyler Wright Jr.
    Tyler Wright Jr. Member

    Mooresville, North Carolina, United States

    139,665/yr ·
    • Architects
    • .NET
    • API
    • App Development
    • Architecture
    • C#
    • C++
    • Cloud Computing
    • Desktop Application Development
    • Embedded Development

    Microsoft .NET Technologies

    Passionate about product development and filled with enthusiasm, I absolutely love it! With a deep interest in web development and software architecture, I have been honing my skills in C#/.NET to provide users with the best possible product experience. I am actively seeking opportunities where I can make meaningful contributions in this highly competitive Tech era. Whether it''s offering solutions, providing training, or being a lifelong learner, I am eager to explore all avenues. In my previous... View more

  • View Service Offered By Avion-Technology-Inc-Chicago
    Avion-Technology-Inc-Chicago Member

    Arlington Heights, Illinois, United States

    123,708/yr ·
    • Architects
    • Data Analysis
    • Data Migration
    • Data Mining
    • Data Security
    • Database Design
    • Database Management
    • Database Migration
    • Database Optimization
    • MySQL

    Database Design

    Avion Technology Inc. is global leading software Development Company offers Customized Web Based Application development, Mobile application development, E-Commerce Software Solutions, Web Service Development (Application Integration) and Integration services. To inline the customers business we provide standardized logical architecture for all database processes and functionalities and help them manage their data in an efficient manner. We develop databases considering data security and integri... View more

  • View Service Offered By Daniel Monge
    Daniel Monge Member

    Carson, California, United States

    116,120/yr ·
    • Architects
    • Angular
    • App Development
    • Architecture
    • ASP.NET
    • ASP.NET Core
    • MVC
    • Web Api
    • ASP.NET Webforms
    • AWS

    Microsoft| ASP.NET & Angular Developer

    I''m a software developer with over 5 years of experience in web, desktop, and mobile application development. I am particularly passionate about C#, ASP.NET Core, MVC, Web API, Angular, Microservices, SQL Server, and exploring different software architectures. ? C#, C++, JavaScript, TypeScript, VB ? ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET Web Forms, Blazor ? Angular, React, Node.js, Express ? Microservices, REST API, GraphQL, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Functions, Git ? Visual ... View more

  • View Service Offered By Kennet D.
    Kennet D. Member

    Copenhagen, North Denmark, Denmark

    110,178/yr ·
    • Architects
    • Animation
    • API Development
    • Back End Development
    • E Commerce
    • Front End Development
    • Gatsby.js
    • Heroku
    • Laravel
    • Next.js

    Full Stack Web Development

    Full Stack Experiences in Single Page Application Development with React.js and Gatsby.js. 1. Front-end Development React.js, Redux, Mobx, React-Bootstrap, React-Material, GSAP/Motion  2. Server-Side Rendering CMS, PWA Next.js, Gatsby.js, ServiceWorker, Offline-First  3. Hybrid Mobile App Development React Native, Expo  4. Back-end APIs Integration API Design: SwaggerHub and Apiary API Development: Node.js/Express, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, Django API Deployment : AWS API Gateway/Amplify, Google C... View more

  • View Service Offered By Taras Prystavskyj
    Taras Prystavskyj Member

    Nizhyn, Chernihivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine

    97,000/yr ·
    • Architects
    • App Development
    • Bootstrap
    • CSS
    • CSS3
    • Design
    • Front End Development
    • Google
    • HTML
    • HTML5

    Senior Web Developer

    Hi, I''m Ukrainian, a professional front-end web developer with more than 6 years experience. To turn your beautiful designs into usable websites that respond to various device and user contexts, I''m the guy you are probably looking for. With HTML5, CSS, (SASS), bootstrap, JavaScript/jQuery, as my tools, I build website front-ends focusing on performance, responsiveness/mobile-friendliness, usability and accessibility. As a freelancer, I have worked with various individual, web and design agenci... View more

  • View Service Offered By Flexsin Technologies
    Flexsin Technologies Member

    Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

    96,463/yr ·
    • Architects
    • Accounting
    • Consultant
    • CRM
    • Framework Design
    • Intranet
    • LAMP Stack
    • Mrp
    • Odoo
    • Performance Engineering

    Odoo Implementation / Managed Services

    Flexsin offers scalable, innovative Odoo Implementation and Managed services that empower businesses to unlock new opportunities in the business automation landscapes. We have hands-on expertise in consulting, building, implementing, and customizing Odoo for enterprises from different verticals. Our open source development team builds Odoo-compatible third-party custom applications for enterprises of all sizes. Whether it is simplifying inventory management or maximizing ROI from sales operation... View more

  • View Service Offered By Norbert Herman
    Norbert Herman Member

    Timisoara, Timis, Romania

    82,580/yr ·
    • Architects
    • Algorithms
    • ChatGPT
    • Data Modeling
    • Image Processing
    • Machine Learning
    • Mathematics
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Python
    • Statistical Analysis

    Machine learning & Deep learning for AI

    Having 5+ years experience in Artificial Intelligence, I can provide you several AI solutions like NLP, Prediction and Image processing, ChatGPT. And I am still working Python project on predicting user pronunciation and translation. And I had finished a project that checking true or false of reviews on Amazon products. View more

  • View Service Offered By SA-PC-LOUVAIN-LTD

    Ilford, England, United Kingdom

    80,975/yr ·
    • Architects
    • Architecture
    • Article Writing
    • Brochure Design
    • Design
    • Game Development
    • Graphic Design
    • Internet Security
    • Java
    • JavaScript

    Expert Web Designer & Certified CyberSec

    Expert Web Designer & Certified CyberSecurity Expert: If you need a complex project, that needs a custom modern design, with custom made systems tailor made to fit your requirements, I am your problem solver. With 9 years of experience, hundreds of projects and almost 100 happy customers, that you can see from my reviews below, I can develop sites from real estate, directory, dating to marketplaces and booking, so whatever challenge you''re facing, I can help. I have 5+ years of experience in Ris... View more

  • View Service Offered By Oleg Teslenko
    Oleg Teslenko Member

    Kharkiv, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine

    72,665/yr ·
    • Architects
    • API
    • API Development
    • Architecture
    • CakePHP
    • GitHub
    • Linux
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • PHP
    • PostgreSQL

    PHP/Laravel development

    6+ years of PHP development. Laravel, PHP, CakePHP, Smarty Framework. APIs, Unix/Linux, and MVC Framework Architecture. Be comfortable with Composer, PSR, PHPUnit Fluent in SOLID principles in OOP MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle Working flexible with SCRUM, GIT workflow Good communication with team members, not afraid hard-working, excellent problem solving skills. View more

  • View Service Offered By Felix Labayen
    Felix Labayen Member

    Lungsod ng Paranaque, Manila, Philippines

    72,625/yr ·
    • Architects
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Django
    • Python
    • Redis
    • REST API

    Python / Django / DRF

    I am familiar with Django / DRF backend api development with 6+ years of experience. I have rich experience in professional Rest APIs and working with celery tasks with Redis message broker. I can always implement best practice of code quality with100% coverage test case for all codes using pytest and tox. View more

  • View Service Offered By Vnnovate Solutions
    Vnnovate Solutions Member

    Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

    64,131/yr ·
    • Architects
    • Backend Development
    • Java
    • Java Developer
    • Java Development
    • Java Spring
    • JavaScript Frameworks
    • Microservice
    • Microservice Architecture
    • Web Development

    Java Development

    We are a well-known Java development company committed to building scalable and high-quality Java solutions using the most trusted architecture patterns. As a trusted Java web application development company , we have extensive expertise in creating robust and secure Java desktop and web-based applications for several industries and business verticals. Our Java web development team can turn your idea or vision into intelligent software using Java. Core Java Services: Dedicated Java Developer & T... View more

  • View Service Offered By Tinkogroup
    Tinkogroup Member

    Poltava, Poltavs'ka Oblast', Ukraine

    59,733/yr ·
    • Architects
    • 2D
    • 2D AutoCAD
    • 2D Design
    • AutoCAD
    • Autodesk AutoCAD
    • Cad
    • Civil
    • Civil Engineering
    • Drafting

    2D Drawings | AutoCAD Draftsman

    We can make a drawing from sketches, hand drawings, and photos. As a result, you will have an AutoCAD version of the drawing plus PDF and/or JPG version if needed. The most important skill of our draftsmen is attention to detail. They also have Civil and Industrial Engineering degrees and over 5 years of experience in AutoCAD drafting. Thus, you will have the result of the highest quality within the discussed timeframe. ?? View more

  • View Service Offered By Heindrick Dumdum
    Heindrick Dumdum Member

    Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines

    59,255/yr ·
    • Architects
    • API Development
    • AWS
    • Back End Development
    • Django
    • Golang
    • Node.js
    • Python
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Web Development

    Backend and API development

    I have strong experience in modern backend frameworks and API development. Here are my skills. - Python Django, Flask, FastAPI - Node Express js, Nest js - Golang - Ruby on Rails - optimized database design and query - AWS, GCP DevOps, CI/CD I''m familiar with how to architecture backend project, how to optimize performance, how to guarantee system security, how to design apis with backward comparability etc. Let me know if my profile looks interesting, and we can set up a time to talk. Best rega... View more

Architects From India

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Find and Hire Architects From India for Your Projects

On Guru, you can find various types of online architects from India for hire as per your specific requirements, like Architectural Modeling experts, Architectural Illustrators, and Architectural Project Managers. A freelance interior designer designs spaces inside homes, offices, schools, hospitals, and even government buildings. You can also hire a freelance architectural illustrator who uses software such as SketchUp for creating illustrations, ensuring consistency in labeling, ease of manipulation, and neat design presentation. An architectural project manager involved in overseeing your company project will be able to inspect and account for all aspects of the design process as well as the construction details in a building project. When looking for an architect from India, make sure you hire an architect who has:

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • The ability to work long hours and meet tight deadlines.
  • The capability to be creative and imaginative even with budget constraints.
  • Expertise to create meticulous designs by hand as well as with computer-aided design (CAD) programs.
  • An eye for detail, along with exceptional organizational skills and proficiency in project management.


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