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Revit is undoubtedly one of the most popular commercial building information modeling (IBM) programs that structural engineers, architects, and designers are using to design, edit, and assess 3D models of their building and construction projects. As a property developer, you need a team of highly skilled and experienced Revit designers to help you come up with professional 3D models for your architectural projects.

Fortunately, hiring a remote Revit designer is now easy thanks to reputable freelance job websites like Guru that offer thousands of professional freelance designers with deep knowledge of Revit. To hire the right designers for your architecture projects, it’s important to start by understanding what Revit is and how it works.

What Is Revit?

Revit is a type of software used in commercial building information modeling (BIM) to help architects, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, plumbers, contractors, and designers to generate, edit, and analyze 3D models. Revit allows designers to design buildings, structures, and specific components of buildings in 3D models. Developers can annotate these architecture design models with 2D drafting features, and obtain building data from the database of each model. Revit design services can help you create high-quality models and renderings.

The original format of the Revit software was developed by Charles River Software (CRS) in 1997. Three years later, CRS renamed the Revit software to Revit Technology Corporation (RTC). In 2002, the software was acquired by Autodesk.

This software is a 4D BIM program with many special features and tools that enable your architect and designer to plan and monitor all critical stages throughout a building’s life cycle. So, every architect, building designer, and any other Revit specialist involved in your building project will use this software during conceptualization, construction, maintenance, and demolition of the structure.  

Since the building and construction industry continues to evolve, building services are expected to figure out simple and effective ways to get their work done successfully and rapidly. So, Revit was developed to offer a lasting solution to the existing building modeling challenges.

With this program, many architects have elevated their drawing and design to a whole new level. They’re able to create coordinated, reliable, and complete model-based designs using Autodesk Revit tools and innovative techniques.

The role of Revit isn’t just allowing building and construction specialists to achieve their BIM objectives, but also to ensure that they design high-quality structures that are more energy efficient.

How Different Specialists Use Revit to Deliver Services

As a BIM tool, Revit has revolutionized the commercial building and construction industry as we’ve always known it. Specialists in the architecture industry can now create professional models that yield excellent results without spending too much time on a single design project.

As a contractor in the architecture industry, you rely on the productivity of your engineers, designers, and architects to complete more projects and break even. Here are the common ways that an architectural designer uses Revit:

Designing and Documenting

With Revit, designers can create real-life elements of a building like walls, doors, roofs, windows, and architectural elements instead of drawing them. This makes their rendering and modeling designs more precise. Designers also use Revit to develop floor plans, sections, schedules, details, elevations, etc. Initially, these design tasks were very daunting and complex, but Revit has revolutionized the process, allowing designers to complete difficult tasks quickly and more effectively for each account.


Revit provides designers and other construction specialists with advanced analysis of performance data, allowing them to optimize the effectiveness of their architecture designs. Additionally, Revit runs accurate cost estimates and monitors the overall performance throughout the lifespan of an account project.

In June 2018, Autodesk announced the discontinuation of Structural Analysis for this software. However, your architect and designer can still get the same functionality with other Autodesk programs like the Robot Structural Analysis Professional.


Revit is capable of performing 3D building visualization, thanks to its special rendering and modeling features. So, an architectural designer can use it to design construction documentation with cutaways, stereo vistas, and 3D views. The main goal of Revit’s visualization tools is to make complex architectural designs more understandable and applicable. Revit Interoperability and 3Ds Max software allow managers to access building models in virtual reality.

Integrated Designs

Revit allows designers to streamline their engineering design processes so that they can effectively work together with architects, construction engineers, and managers before the project starts. This automation process enables designers and other architecture specialists involved in a project to create solutions that are acceptable to all stakeholders.


Revit allows construction designers to develop fabrication-ready 3D models to help contractors know the type of construction materials needed to build the design. This improves the project’s efficiency and workflow by shortening the communication chain between the architectural designer and other professionals.

How to Hire the Right Designer for Revit

Designing professional building and construction 3D models with Revit requires special skills, creativity, and a deep understanding of the essential aspects of Revit. Therefore, the greatest hurdle you’ll face in your Revit design project is hiring the right Revit freelancer. 

Here are some critical questions you should ask yourself when hiring a Revit designer for your architecture project:

Does the Designer Understand Revit Design and Construction?

To be the best BIM designer, you need in-depth knowledge and experience in advanced tools used in this field, including Revit. You can only acquire this knowledge and become a specialist through training and practicing. So, your remote Revit designer must have handled several similar projects before to gain experience in Revit design.

Does the Designer Have Essential Revit Software Skills?

When you’re posting a job post for a Revit designer, you must list the most essential skills. The level of Revit skills you ask for in your job post depends on the roles and responsibilities of the designer. The higher the position of the designer, the more advanced their Revit software skills should be. 

For instance, make sure that your designer has the basic Revit 3D modeling and cloud collaboration skills because they’re necessary for creating and managing data-rich 3D models that are sharable and manageable by all the parties involved in the Revit design project.

Including all this information in your designer jobs post will help you ensure that the highest quality professionals apply for the remote architectural rendering job.

Does the Designer Have Good Revit Design Presentation Skills?

BIM models are usually loaded with data that your designers need to present to you and other stakeholders clearly and professionally for easier understanding and utilization. There are many deliverables that must be presented at different stages of the project, including renders, visualization, schedules, embedded data, cost estimation, clash detection, etc.

Aside from creating and executing complex 3D building models, there are other important reasons why you should hire a Revit designer for your remote modeling project:

The Designer Brings Parametric Family Creation to Your Company

Parametric family modeling is the process of developing 3D models using specific criteria that takes the form of a family. All components of Revit, including 3D views, building components, and title blocks belong to a “family” setting. Some of these components are integrated into the design program while others are accessible through libraries.

Some are even developed from scratch. The parametric family is formed through the transfer of dimensions and resources to 2D and 3D data like a door’s height, width, and depth. This family allows designers to create Revit models that offer full control over architecture designs.

The Designer Uses Revit Packages for 3D Realistic Architectural Renderings

Revit offers essential tools for developing important construction and design materials in one place. Your designers will produce professional 3D designs and render them immediately instead of importing them into other programs for rendering, such as Cad or Autodesk. This saves you time and resources.

Revit comes with libraries loaded with useful materials and rendering plug-ins to help your designers to create 2D models and 3D visualization outputs quickly. Plus, it offers you views from all angles and perspectives of the design.

Hire a freelance Revit designer from Guru for bespoke building and construction solutions and exceptional Revit design talent. With highly skilled designers, you’re assured of sustainable success when working with an architectural designer! 

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