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Advantages of Django Over ASP.NET

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Django is beloved by dedicated Django developers, but it’s not the only web development application available. ASP.NET is also popular and can help produce dynamic, user-friendly websites or apps. With that in mind, it can be highly beneficial to understand both tools and what they can help you achieve–especially if you’re wondering if you can use Django for commercial use, or you’re considering hiring a Django developer, but you’re not sure if Django is exactly right for your needs. 

What is Django?

Django is a tool used in web development and is a web framework that can be used to build web applications. It has a simple design, often allowing Django developers to work quickly. The coding required to use it is powerful yet straightforward–so much so that some of the most well-known companies use it on their websites. Companies like Google and Instagram have been known to use Django to develop their websites and apps to improve the overall user experience. 

On the more technical side of things, Django is what is known as an “MVT” web framework. “MVT,” short for Model View Template, allows users to see the updates they are making more easily. The idea behind its design is that developers do not have to get too deeply involved in the technical side of writing code for a website or app and can instead focus on making things more user-friendly and appealing.  

What Is ASP.NET?

ASP.NET is another web application tool and is used to build many different applications and websites. Experienced users of ASP.NET find that they can manipulate the tool to produce high-quality products that offer excellent user experience and push the boundaries of website design.  

Why Django Is Better Than ASP.NET

There are many advantages of Django over ASP.NET, which is why developers return to Django time and time again as their preferred choice. Most notably, perhaps, is that developers often claim that Django simply allows for quicker results. ASP.NET web development is not always slow, but when compared to Django, developers often find that they are able to produce results much more quickly. 

That speed typically comes from developers being able to break down projects into modules or into parts that have a pre-existing source. This can materially reduce the development procedure, as it means developers never have to start over to produce the results they need–instead, they just have to modify existing code for their own means. 

Additionally, Django can be used in many different scenarios to produce various apps or sites and has been used for everything from shopping platforms to supporting document management systems, customer databases, or business-to-consumer communication portals.

When performing the same tasks, ASP.NET will often become more expensive. While it is open-source and can be used in a variety of scenarios, it will often require higher fees for additional licenses or hosting costs.

Importantly, Django is also highly capable of meeting an app or website’s traffic demands, which is crucial to both user experience and customer retention. 

Using Django

The quality of Django’s results is clear in the highly-used sites and apps it has helped to develop, giving business owners the confidence they need for a Django developer to help assist in any of their online platform development. For those not technologically minded, the complexity of either Django or ASP.NET can be overwhelming and knowing which one to utilize and how is where a skilled freelance developer comes in.

Using Django continues to be a popular choice for many developers, thanks to its simplicity and open-source framework. If you are looking to hire a Django developer, be sure to look at their portfolio, try out their apps, and browse their websites–this will give you ample insight into your potential developer’s abilities and what they can offer to help your business grow. 

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