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Computer Network Designing

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Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise with multiple departments and branches, you need to set up an innovative system to allow you to integrate important workflows, making it easy for everyone involved to share data and resources within your company. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to set up a reliable and advanced computer network.

This involves hiring IT specialists and consultants to help you design an effective computer network. Fortunately, you can now find qualified and experienced computer network designing experts from any part of the world on a reputable freelance job site like Guru. This platform enlists top-tier specialists who understand the key elements of an effective computer network.

What Is a Computer Network?

As the name suggests, a computer network is a network of computers that share resources obtained from network nodes. The primary role of a computer network is transmitting and sharing data. Computers in the network use standard communication procedures over a digital interconnection to share resources with each other. 

This interconnection comprises telecommunication network technology put together through physical cables and optical or wireless radio-frequency techniques that can be organized in several network topologies. Computer network nodes include servers, networking hardware, PCs, or any other general or specialized host.

Network nodes are identified through network addresses and can have hostnames. These names are used as memorable labels for the nodes and shouldn’t be altered after the first assignment. A network address helps to locate and identify network nodes using communication protocols like the Internet protocol (IP).

A computer network will benefit your company in many ways, including sharing important files between users, sharing an internet connection, sharing critical resources like printers and scanners, and boosting your data storage capacity.

The network design cost you incur when setting up your computer network will depend on the type and size of the network, as well as the computer network design specialist you hire. So, you have to choose network design consultants with the necessary skills and experience to help you design a reliable and worthwhile computer network for your business.

Hiring the Right Computer Network Design Specialist

When you’re hiring network design consultants for your project, you need to exercise due diligence on the potential candidates to avoid frustrations. Since a computer network plays a critical role in modern business, it should be designed by experts who understand the various computer network designs that exist and the complex aspects of each design.

Although Guru screens its specialists to ensure they’re qualified for the roles they apply for, it’s your responsibility to identify individuals with the right skills and level of experience. So, start by understanding the main responsibilities of the network design experts you need.

You also need this information to write a detailed job description and conduct a successful interview. Your job description will help applicants to understand what you’re looking for. Here are the main responsibilities of a computer network design expert:

  • Designing computer networks
  • Managing computer network security
  • Modeling computer networks
  • Maintaining network tools
  • Maintaining network documentation

Essential Skills and Qualifications of a Computer Network Designer

Although each company has its unique computer networking needs, many employers usually go for the same set of skills and qualifications when hiring computer network designers. Still, it’s important to understand the kind of skills and qualifications needed for your network. 

Here are the most essential skills and qualifications of a computer network design specialist:

Proficiency with Computer Network Infrastructure

Your network designer should have basic computer programming skills, including in-depth knowledge of writing code and developing software for computer network systems. They need these skills to assist in fixing computer script problems, C++ programming, designing databases, and programming Cisco network systems.

Knowledge of Network Infrastructure Devices

A good computer network designer must be familiar with all the necessary devices used to design the network. These devices include network switches, routers, access points, firewalls, computers, and controllers.

Expertise in LAN and WAN

Aside from having exceptional knowledge about computer networks, your computer network designers should be able to design, monitor, and repair a complex wide area network (WAN) and local area network (LAN). These networks require someone with excellent problem-solving abilities, and who’s a critical thinker.

They should be able to troubleshoot complex issues in your computer network and figure out effective solutions immediately.

Academic Qualifications

A good computer network designer should have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems, or an equivalent. Professional certifications like CompTIA Network+, CCIE, JNCIE-ENT, and WCNA are an added advantage.

In terms of experience, your computer network design consultants should have extensive experience in specific network design tasks like designing computer networks and installing firewalls. Find a quality network designer on Guru today!

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