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The Advantages of Vue.js for Startups

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Companies and individuals around the world are using vue.js to develop their applications. If you are planning to develop an application for your startup, vue.js may be the right framework for you. But if you aren’t a professional software programmer, you will have to hire one with development experience in vue.js. Fortunately, there are numerous freelance vue.js developers for hire.

You can only appreciate the importance of hiring vue.js developers, and ask the right vue.js interview questions while hiring them, if you understand how the framework will benefit your startup. Listed below are just some of the advantages of vue.js for startups.

Fast and Robust

Since its establishment, vue.js has been touted as the fastest, and most robust front-end framework. For instance, the latest version now comes with a new rendering layer that allows lightweight virtual DOM implementation. This update has improved the previous rendering speed and memory consumption by two to four times, in most cases.

Suitable for Edgy Startups

As a JavaScript library for developing web interfaces, vue.js integrates with other software configuration tools to become a framework. This framework is user-friendly and adaptable, which provides the perfect leverage for your business, and your programmers. If you are using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, you can develop an amazing app with vue.js. Since vue.js is quite flexible and helps make web app user interfaces more approachable, your programmers will feel way more comfortable using it, thus giving you a better chance of creating a winning app.

Constantly Evolving

The simplicity, and adaptability of vue.js have won the hearts of many software programmers and entrepreneurs. But it doesn’t stop there. This front-end framework continuously focuses on offering a superior JS platform to developers. That’s why it’s constantly evolving. For instance, its latest open-source progressive version offers better TypeScript Integration, environment Agnostic SSR, and improved error handling.  

The fact that vue.js is progressive means that it continues to be incrementally versatile, introducing extra benefits to the HTML code. That way, it adjusts to the changing needs of programmers, instead of forcing programmers to rewrite the current app or create a server. You can just add vue.js to your HTML code as a script tag and it’ll progressively extend and adapt to your app’s needs so that it can manage the whole layer. Many software programmers today refer to this framework as the “New jQuery.” This is a massive advantage for developers transitioning from a different framework.

Open-Source Community and Reliable Support

While other frameworks are backed by Google and Facebook, vue.js is fully backed by an open-source community. Therefore, it relies on contributions from sponsors and local developers to remain operational. Yet, it’s giving the other frameworks a run for their money, considering that it has been proven to be the front-end framework of choice for most reputable web developers. Also, it gives developers all-around and approachable support, allowing them to develop highly effective apps.

Unlike other frameworks, vue.js responds to queries submitted through its official platform in a few hours; along with remaining consistent in its cycles of releasing updates, and support guidelines. It, therefore, provides your developers with a reliable framework that will address their issues within the shortest time possible, so that they don’t suffer delays in completing important projects.    

All-inclusive Functionality

Since vue.js was inspired by the other two leading frameworks: Angular, and React, its developers adopted all the impressive features of both frameworks and discarded the less impressive ones. For instance, vue.js uses the same virtual DOM found in React, but with programmed dependency management so that it can automatically determine which modules are re-rendered each time the situation changes.

This doesn’t take place in React, which forces developers to apply the shouldComponentUpdate, manually to every component. Additionally, vue.js features the same modeling syntax used in Angular, but without forcing developers to understand the new language (TypeScript).

Exceptional Architecture

Vue.js features the Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) architecture, which is perfect for improving your app’s user interface (UI) experience. This architecture simplifies UI event-driven app development, thus improving system performance. Its ViewModel layer is the main area of focus for vue.js because it separates the UI from the app logic, thus disregarding the need for redesigning the app when the UI becomes obsolete. Your developer will simply plug in the desired template to your app.

Finally, when you are hiring your vue.js developers, make sure they are aware of all these benefits and have the expertise to capitalize on them to create a successful app. This list of advantages can guide you in identifying what skills you should look for in a Vue.js developer as you interview them.

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