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What Is React JS Used for?

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Whether you’re new to the world of programming, or simply want a better understanding of how it works before you hire someone, getting familiar with programming languages is a useful place to start. JavaScript is a relatively well-known name, even for those with little experience in programming, and React JS is a term commonly associated with it.

To keep things simple, let’s start with a basic overview of JavaScript itself. This will ensure that you have a solid understanding before looking at React JS in greater detail.

What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a specific scripting language used by developers to create and control “dynamic web content”, including interactive forms such as logins, photo slideshows, and any animated graphics. In other words, if you visit a site where things are moving on the screen, there is a very high chance that it was created with JavaScript.

In most cases, there can be a huge number of codes that are repeated across a website, or even on a single page of a website. Developers have two choices here: they can go through manually and re-code every function, every single time it appears, or they can make use of a JavaScript library. As the name suggests, this is a collection of common JavaScript codes which have been prewritten to help developers and website creators save valuable time. React JS is one such example.

What Are the Benefits of Using React JS?

So, if there are several JavaScript libraries available to choose from, what are the particular benefits of using React JS? We look at the most compelling reasons below:

Speed and Flexibility

React JS is fast, effective, and allows different developers to write their own individual elements, without worrying that their changes will have an impact on the logic of the application. The modular structure of React JS code is also flexible and easy to maintain, making it a cost-effective option.

Easy to Use

Compared to other libraries and frameworks, React JS is very easy to use for anyone with a knowledge of JavaScript and can be learned in a few days. This means that the development process can start quickly and save businesses time in both the long and short term.

React JS also comes with a super useful developer toolkit, making it easy for developers to check and inspect the present state of the components, observe the component hierarchies, and discover parent and child components. Strong community support has also added to the popularity of the system; developers work every day to help improve the front-end framework of React JS, as well as uploading tips, blogs, videos, and other handy hints to help unstick confused developers. This wide range of support is appealing for developers, as the chances are high that there will always be someone to answer any questions.

Saves Time and Effort

One of the major appeals of React JS is the inclusion of JavaScript eXtension – also known as JSX. As the name suggests, this is an extension that allows developers to use HTML style code to modify their Document Object Model (DOM) – this is a representational tree that displays the way the webpage is arranged. Most websites will use HTML to update the DOM, and this can be tricky when you have a dynamic website, as it requires the entire DOM to reload every single time a user refreshes a page.

With JSX, however, React JS will create a “Virtual DOM”. As the name suggests this is a copy of the DOM, and the technology sees what part of the real DOM needs to be changed whenever an event happens. For example, a visitor commenting on a blog would usually require the entire DOM to update to reflect the change. React JS, however, can scan the Virtual DOM to see what has changed, and what needs to be updated. This takes less power and time, and, in a large business, this can add up to a significant change.

As a bonus, React JS has a far faster loading time for pages than its competitors, and this can be very useful in helping to boost SEO – the faster an app renders, the higher a page will rank on Google.


The inclusion of JSX also makes it possible for developers to write their own custom components, and these can then be transformed into applications. Developers have already used the tool to create mobile native applications, and this is likely just the start. React JS also comes with a component reusability feature, which means that developers can redeploy the same digital objects time and again. As an example, a developer can add simple, basic components, such as text fields and buttons, and then move them to wrapper components, which are moved forward to the root component, offering improved code growth and maintenance. Each component has its own logic, which is easy to use and boosts productivity.

Improves User Interfaces

User interfaces are one of the most important aspects of any application, and this is one area where React JS is superior to its rivals. The components of React JS mean that it’s possible to create extremely high-quality user interfaces, which can be the difference between an application surviving or becoming lost in the sea of other apps.

Should I Hire an Expert?

If you are looking to hire React JS developer experts, you must have a solid understanding of how they can boost and improve your business. By investing in a professional from the start, you can improve the quality, speed and appeal of your website. An experienced React JS professional will have the skills, expertise and experience to bring your vision to life. Just make sure that you do plenty of research to ensure you get the best partnership.

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