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  • Flash
  • Illustration
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Design
  • Fine Art
  • Sketching
  • Animation
  • Cartoon
  • Game Design
  • Painting
  • Android
  • Book Illustration
  • Cartoon Animation
  • Character Animation
  • Character Design

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  • Children Book Illustration

    $20/hr Starting at $30

    I have a decade of experience in child book and book illustration. I do children book illustration in various style and tools. I do realistic, cartoon, semi realistic, classic style etc. And use tool...

    Adobe PhotoshopFine ArtFlashIllustrationPainting
  • Comic

    $20/hr Starting at $30

    I do comics illustrations in various style for books and apps. I do it in cartoon, realistic and semi realistic style. I use tools like illustrator, photoshop, freehand etc.

    Adobe PhotoshopDesignFine ArtIllustrationPainting
  • Cartoon

    $20/hr Starting at $30

    I do cartoon illustration in various style from newspaper style cartoons to modern style cartoons. I make cartoons for games, books, web, app etc. I use Adobe tools and freehand for this.

    Adobe PhotoshopCartoonDesignFine ArtFlash
  • Animation

    $25/hr Starting at $50


    AnimationCharacter AnimationFlashIllustration
  • Game

    $20/hr Starting at $30

    I do game assets designing like, character design, background design, btn design, icon design and animations for ios, android, rpg and flash games. I do UI design also for games. For this type works I...

    AndroidCharacter DesignDesignFlashGaming


I am an experienced illustrator, designer and animator. My passion is to make great and unique design, illustration and animation for gaming, book illustrations, apps and eb.

I have a decade of experience in similar field. I have been working as a designer, illustrator and animator for over 7 years in various leading companies and after that I have started my own journey.

Work Terms

I work for 10-12 hrs per day and flexible with other timezone working. I usually take 50% in advance and rest 50% after finishing the final work. I do unlimited realistic revisions .

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