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  • Mobile Application Development
  • Unity 3D
  • C#
  • Game Development
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • C++
  • Software Development
  • Android Development
  • Deep Learning
  • Game Design
  • Ocr
  • Web Development
  • 3D Games
  • App Development

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  • Professional Mobile App Developer

    $55/hr Starting at $500

    The last 6 years, I am developing applications for iOS and Android mobile devices. I love my job and it gives me great pleasure. I can always provide the Mobile Apps and Games that you want with High...

    AndroidAndroid DevelopmentApp DevelopmentBlockchainC++
  • Full Stack Web/Woocommerce Developer

    $55/hr Starting at $300

    PREFERRED JOBS : Woocommerce Integrations with 3rd Party Software and creation of Middleware Systems. NO COWBOY CODING HERE. All my work is revision controlled meaning no lost work and easy to find those...

    .NETAngularJSDesignFull StackJavaScript
  • Image Recognition(OpenCV)

    $45/hr Starting at $1,000

    I've built numerous Machine Learning systems with Keras in python. I've trained hundreds of Tensorflow models in both NLP and Image recognition tasks. I can help make your Machine Learning project a success...

    C++Computer VisionCUDADeep LearningImage Processing
  • Game Development

    $45/hr Starting at $1,000

    I like to think of the computer as a sort of canvas; a blank slate offering limitless possibilities. With skillful engineers and the right team, this canvas can be anything you want it to be. Since early...

  • AR/VR

    $45/hr Starting at $1,000

    AR Specialists since 2014, working with Theme Parks, Magazines, Silicon Valley and International Startups! We offer both deep technical experience and significant background in creative production -...

    Augmented Reality (AR)C#C++Creative DesignMagic Programming
  • React Native App Development

    $55/hr Starting at $500

    React Native allows us to build mobile apps with React.js. This means we can write one React Native app and deploy it to the web, iOS, and Android, reducing cost and saving time. We leverage all the...

    Android DevelopmentApp & Mobile ProgrammingApp DevelopmentJavaScriptMobile App Development



Here at MEDIA PROS PRODUCTIONS, our mission is to give each one of our clients a tangible, high resolution, multi media power force, ready to co-create with their ideas. Our clients know that each idea is clearly thought out. Each high-quality sequence is a meticulously detailed rendering of their personal and/or companies visions.

Media Pros team takes out the corporate marketing agency bureaucracy, and replaces it with one-on-one client services. Many hours are spent understanding the company and persons to whom it involved. This way we can ensure we understand the correct language and approach that our clients want to communicate to their audiences.