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  • Janet 67 · Aug 23, 2017

    Arooj is very professional and responds in a timely fashion to emails. His animations are eye-catching as there is always something happening on screen, which is what we want for this project. He has been a pleasure to work with!

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  • Max 167 · Aug 12, 2017

    Following on my last review, Arooj continued t work very kindly and smoothly. Our cooperation was beyond average level and the final result was very satisfying! Arooj continued working on the project until every detail was to our wishes. He works fast, communicates frequently and has a stable attitude. For us a very good asset for now and in the futere, Thanks Arooj

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  • Max 167 · Aug 03, 2017

    Arooj is a wel educated, spontaneous and above all talented asset! We have hired him as freelancer to create a animation explainer video. His workflow is very smooth and clear: first creating a storyboard until satisfied, then the next phase would be the animation. For both phases we paid 50%. Together we brainstormed for the script and storyboard. We delivered him the final script in English and he went on to create a nice sketch style storyboard. After everyone was satisfied the animation phase started. We are not finished yet, but we are almost there! I can tell that until now we are very satisfied with the work Arooj provided us with. We’ll update the review(s) once we have completed the whole project. For now, keep up the good work Arooj!

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  • Hosted-Records · Jun 18, 2017

    Arooj did a great job on our video. What we were most impressed with was his ability to draft a winning script with little input from us. Great work.

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    Arooj made our non profit an explainer video. He created all-new animation for our cause - about prison and motherhood. He researched and learned about our work, and he wrote a script that was spot on and only needed one revision. He made all the follow up changes I wanted, and now we have an awesom

    e video that will help us raise money! Hire him!

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