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Project Proposal: Book One of "The Watchers of Enoch: The Awakening" Series Collaboration

Project Overview:

"The Watchers of Enoch: The Awakening" marks the debut installment of an ambitious 10-book series set in a richly envisioned world where myth, history, and prophecy intertwine. The series aims to captivate a dedicated readership with its complex characters, intricate plot lines, and a meticulously crafted universe.

Book Blurb: The Watchers of Enoch: The Awakening

On New Year’s Day 2035, the world celebrated in the glow of unprecedented global harmony. In Manhattan, the vibrant pulse of the city reflected an era of monumental achievements—peace was more than a promise; it was a reality. Across the globe, from the lively streets of Manhattan to the sacred quiet of a dojo in Kyoto, diverse heroes like Jeffrey Swanson and Takashi were symbols of a new world thriving under the banner of technological innovation and cultural exchange.

But beneath this utopia, the seeds of chaos were germinating. By September, the once vibrant world was unrecognizable. The United States grappled with catastrophic natural disasters—a massive earthquake in Los Angeles, the collapse of the Hoover Dam, and volcanic eruptions that clouded skies from Yellowstone to Mount Saint Helens. Simultaneously, the Southern States battled unprecedented hurricanes, while the Midwest faced devastating floods. These were mere harbingers of further chaos, as World War III loomed over dwindling natural resources, sparking global conflict over food and energy supplies.

Amidst this turmoil, an ancient prophecy unfolds. Enoch, an ageless sage graced with ancient knowledge, confronts chilling visions of the Nephilim's return—mystical beings whose resurgence threatens the cosmic balance. Driven to prevent catastrophe, Enoch joins forces with the Galactic Vanguard Alliance, a cadre of celestial guardians and valiant humans. Together, they delve into interstellar politics and ancient enmities, unearthing allies and foes alike.

From the command room of the Aeon Guardian, tensions escalate as Dr. Callahan and Jeffrey Swanson decode signs of cosmic manipulation. Their journey takes a perilous turn when they fall into an orchestrated trap set by the awakened Nephilim. Now, they must navigate a battlefield where the stakes extend beyond the earthly realm—into the very soul of the cosmos.

"The Watchers of Enoch: The Awakening" is the first book in an epic series that blends celestial mythology with end-time prophecy. Witness as Enoch and his allies combat threats not just to their world, but to the stability of the universe. Their fight is not merely for survival, but for the redemption of all celestial beings. Join them as they embark on an odyssey that transcends galaxies, where each victory and defeat is a step towards the ultimate confrontation between good and evil. This saga challenges the boundaries of spirit and space, where every triumph is merely a prelude to greater trials in "The Watchers of Enoch: Chronicles of the Celestial Realm."

Current Status:

To date, the first book has reached a substantial milestone with 116,000 words across 307 pages. The narrative framework and primary arcs have been established, providing a robust foundation for further development and refinement.

Project Goals:

  1. Editing and Refinement: Transform the existing manuscript into a polished, market-ready product. This includes intensive editing to enhance clarity, coherence, style, and pacing.
  2. Continuity Development: Establish a continuity framework to ensure consistency across the subsequent volumes in the series.
  3. Collaborative Workflow: Develop a collaborative environment that can maintain a high-quality, continuous output throughout the series.

Seeking Talent:

We are looking for a ghostwriter, creative writer, and editor who is not only skilled in crafting engaging narratives but is also capable of working within an established universe and adhering to its continuity. The ideal candidate should have:

  • Experience in genre fiction, particularly in fantasy or science fiction.
  • Strong editorial skills with attention to both macro and micro narrative elements.
  • Ability to work collaboratively and adaptively within a team setting.

Budget and Milestones:

We propose a budget range of $250-$500 for initial phases, with flexibility to adjust based on specific milestones achieved. Payment will be milestone-based, structured around key deliverables:

  1. Initial Review and Plan Development ($100): Assessment of the existing manuscript and development of a detailed plan for revisions.
  2. First Half Manuscript Edit ($150-$200): Comprehensive editing of the first half of the manuscript, focusing on narrative structure, character development, and stylistic enhancements.
  3. Second Half Manuscript Edit and Finalization ($150-$200): Completion of manuscript editing and incorporation of all revisions into a final draft ready for publication.


The project is anticipated to span 3-4 months, with specific timelines to be adjusted based on the collaborator’s assessment and the detailed project plan. Regular check-ins will be scheduled to ensure project milestones are being met and to make necessary adjustments to the workflow.

Application Process:

Interested candidates are invited to submit a brief proposal that includes:

  • A summary of relevant experience and qualifications.
  • Two writing samples that demonstrate narrative ability and stylistic versatility.
  • A brief statement outlining their interest in this project and their approach to collaborative writing projects.


This project offers a unique opportunity for a talented writer/editor to engage deeply with a creative, expansive literary project with long-term potential. We are excited to find the right collaborator who is passionate about genre fiction and eager to contribute to the development of "The Watchers of Enoch: The Awakening."

Contact Information:


I look forward to your submissions and to embarking on this exciting journey together.

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